Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall

Product– Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall

System- Starfinder

Producer– Paizo

Price– $6 here https://paizo.com/products/btq02eg2?Starfinder-Society-Intro-Year-of-Fortunes-Fall  

TL; DR-Welcome to the sixth season! 90%

Basics– LET’S GO TO THE… museum?  The Starfinder society is partnering with many different groups to show off artifacts of the past.  What wonders will be shown, what friends will be made, and who might want to mess with this display?  

Mechanics or Crunch– Paizo has a solid adventure here, with a decent balance of talking and combat.  The flow is mostly talking for the first half and then combat for the second.  There are a lot of NPCs to sway, so combat might get a little bit left to the side as its really only two fights.  That said, it’s done well.  4.5/5

Theme or Fluff–  This is a one building adventure.  You really only spend time in one museum for the entire adventure, schmoozing with different people learning about things that  will happen later in the season’s adventures.  That is pretty standard for the first adventure in a Starfinder Society season.  My one issue is the adventure is pretty short.  Most of the time I run this it’s less than three hours for a five hour session.  The players have fun and the story is decent.  Overall, its a good addition to the first adventures of each season. 4.5/5

Execution– PDF? Yep.  Hyperlinked?  Yep. Solid Art?  Yep.  Good layout? Yep!  This is what I expect from a Paizo adventure.  Things are not perfect, as they give good pictures for everything except for one enemy type, so you will need your own picture.  It’s not bad by any means, but it’s one small thing.   4.5/5

Summary– This is a fun adventure.  It’s short and a little unbalanced in story tempo if you are a combat monster, but overall it’s a good one.  I had fun, and so did my players.  It’s not perfect, but definitely one that I will be gladly running for multiple groups this year!  90%

Daily Punch 5-23-23 Spell Storing Jewelry magic item for Starfinder

Let’s store a spell in a friendship bracelet!

Spell Storing Jewelry

This normal looking jewelry looks like any other basic store piece but it’s also built continuing a custom magic matrix that holds a single spell. As a swift action, you can cast the spell using any attacks, feats, and saves of the caster. The jewelry does not come with a spell in it but any spell may be cast into the jewelry. Once the spell is cast the jewelry degrades and falls apart

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 50; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 2 spell

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 2

Level 5; Price 425; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 4 spell

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 3

Level 9; Price 1,950; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 6 spell


Daily Punch 5-22-23 Trigger Spell for Starfinder

I want to cast a spell and have it go off later!

 Trigger Spell
Classes Mystic 1-6
School Divination
Casting Time 1 standard action or varies
Range touch
Targets one living creature or item creature is holding
Duration varies
Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)
Description With the authority of all magic behind you, you proclaim to be cast in the future specifying a trigger. Choose a spell that is cast as this spell is cast and a trigger for the spell. If the other spell is longer than one action, the casting time of this spell changes to that spell’s plus one action. The other spell is cast or must be cast at the time of casting trigger spell. That other cast spell will be case whenever the trigger occurs. If that spell would occur and prevent an event from occurring like a mystic cure preventing a target from reaching zero hit points, that the creature never hit zero hit points. If cast on a weapon and that weapon strikes a target then any spell with a target of creature touched would count as touched. If a spell requires an attack roll or a save and the trigger was not striking a target, then the spell would use your current ranged attack roll or save DC values. You can only have one trigger spell active on you or your carried gear at a time.
The duration of the spell depends on the level you it as.
1st: 1 hour
2nd: 1 day
3rd: 1 week
4th: 1 month
5th: 1 year
6th: until triggered


Daily Punch 5-19-23 Cryo ammunition for Starfinder

if we can be hot, why not cold?


Cryo ammo is used with projectile weapons and is available for most projectile weapons and other weapons that fire arrows and darts, as noted on Table 1–8. A weapon firing cryo ammo deals its normal amount of damage, but half of this damage is cold damage and grants the weapon the bleed critical hit effect depending on the weapon. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, the bleed critical hit effect is added and considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect. If the weapon normally already has the bleed critical hit effect, it instead gains the bind critical hit effect in addition to bleed, and this considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect.

Cryo, Arrow
Level 2; Price 75
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 20
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d6 

Cryo, Darts
Level 2; Price 50
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 25
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d4

Cryo, Rounds, Small Arms
Level 2; Price 60
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 30
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d4

 Cryo, Scattergun Shells
Level 2; Price 110
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 25
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d6

 Cryo, Rounds, Longarm and Sniper
Level 2; Price 150
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 25
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d6

Cryo, Rounds, Heavy
Level 3; Price 180
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 20
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d8

 Cryo, Mini-Rockets
Level 5; Price 450
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity 10
Bulk L; Special bleed 1d10


Daily Punch 5-15-23 Concussive Ammo for Starfinder

Still on God of War and I want my bullets to explode more!

Concussive Rounds, mark 1

Level 2; Price 60 + base price
Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity as normal ammo
Bulk L; Special 1d6 additional damage

Concussive ammo adds an additional damage as the round has a small blast charge inside it doing additional damage upon entering the target. Concussive rounds are available for any firearm that fires cartages. On a natural one, the weapon gains the broken condition. You can not use concussive rounds in a weapon that is of a lower level than than the rounds.

Concussive Rounds mark 2

Level 6; Price 450 + base price

Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity as normal ammo
Bulk L; Special 2d6 additional damage

Concussive Rounds, mark 3

Level 11; Price 2700 + base price

Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity as normal ammo
Bulk L; Special 3d6 additional damage

Concussive Rounds, mark 4

Level 16; Price 16200 + base price

Hands 1; Proficiency Ammo
Damage —; Critical —
Capacity as normal ammo
Bulk L; Special 4d6 additional damage

Daily Punch 5-12-23 Armor Storage armor upgrade for Starfinder

Time to store things quickly!

Armor Storage

Item Level 5; Price 2,850
Slots 1; Armor Type Any; Bulk –
Utilizing the latest in null space technology, this armor upgrade allows you to store your armor as a bracelet or other small wearable item. As a reaction, you can summon your armor back before you would take environmental damage or an attack. To detect the armor, someone must pass an Engineering or Mysticism check or detect magic used to identify the item.


Daily Punch 5-8-23 Grab and Smash Combat feat for Starfinder

You ever want to beat one m*****erF***** with another m*****erF*****?

Grab and Smash (Combat)

You’ve gotten good at hurting people with other people!

Prerequisites: Improved Combat Maneuver (grapple)

Benefit: If you start your turn holding another creature, you can slam that creature into a creature in range as a full round action. You must be at least as large as the creature you are holding. Make a melee attack. If you hit, the creature you hit take damage based on the size of the creature you are swinging, and the creature you are swinging take damage based on the size of the creature you hit. The damage below is for for every four levels of CR the creature possess. After the attack, you must make another grapple attempt to maintain the hold as part of the full round action.

Colossal 1d12

Daily Punch 5-3-23 Close Combat Specialist feat for Starfinder

Let’s help you get in close and stay there.

Close Combat Specialist (Combat)

That’s right, draw me in close….

Prerequisites: Ground Fighting

Benefit: The normal penalties to attack rolls from being grappled, pinned, and prone don’t apply to any of your attacks, actions, and saves. The penalties from the pinned condition don’t apply to any of your actions, attacks, or saves as well. You still count as held by the creature.

Daily Punch 4-26-23 Elemental Adaptation weapon fusion for Starfinder

Let’s complete that Starfinder Ghost Rider!

Elemental Adaptation

Item Level 4;Capacity 20; Duration 1 charge /hour
Created by mystics harnessing connections to the elemental planes, this fusion allows a character to spend a move action to choose an elemental damage type and spend a charge. This changes all damage done by that weapon to that elemental damage type for the duration. Critical effects are still determined as normal.