Daily Punch 3-15-18 Mystic Dabbler feat for Starfinder


How is this not a thing?

Mystic Dabbler
You’ve heard the call of the gods, but not quite that strongly.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 15, character level 5th, no levels in mystic.
Benefit: Choose two 0-level mystic spells and one 1st-level mystic spell. You can  cast the 0-level spells at will and the 1st-level spell once per day for every 3 character levels you have. Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the key ability  core for these spells is Wisdom. If you later gain levels in mystic, you lose the benefits of this feat and can replace it with either Spell Focus or Spell Penetration.


Daily Punch 3-14-18 Constant Defender feat for Starfinder

How about a bonus for our space paladins out there in Starfinder today?


Constant Defender (Combat)

You’ve gotten used to hurting yourself to protect others..
Prerequisites: Bodyguard, In Harm’s Way.
Benefit: When you take dame from In Harms way, reduce the damage by half, and gain a +2 bonus to any saving throw against effects caused by the attack..


Daily Punch 3-13-18 Close Combat Mage feat for Starfinder

Let’s keep rolling with Starfinder!


Close Combat Mage (COMBAT)

You’ve specialized in delivering magic up close and personal.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast 4th-level Spells, Combat Casting

Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to your Armor Class and saving throws against attacks of opportunity you provoked by casting a Spell and against readied actions triggered by your Spellcasting.  This bonus stacks with the bonus from Combat Casting.





Daily Punch 3-12-18 Technomancer Adept feat for Starfinder

Well…Pathfinder 2.0! Wow!  It’s going to be a lot like Starfinder, so let’s focus our efforts on playing with the Starfinder rules…


You’ve picked up even more as you play with the electronics of magic.

Prerequisites: Intelligence 15, character level 10th, no levels in technomancer, Technomancer Dabbler.

Benefit: Choose two more 1-level technomancer Spells and one 2nd-level technomancer Spell. You can cast the 1st-level Spells once per day for every 3 character levels you have and the 2nd-level spell once per day for every 6 character levels you have. Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the key ability score for these Spells is Intelligence. If you later gain levels in technomancer, you lose the benefits of this feat and can replace it with either Spell Focus or Spell Penetration.




Daily Punch 1-9-18 To the Limit feat for Starfinder

Been reading Starfinder books, so here is a Starfinder Feat!


To the Limit (COMBAT)

You push yourself to succeed, and you push hard!

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +8.

Benefit: If you miss with a melee or ranged attack, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to reroll the attack.  You must accept the second result, even if it lower.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guide


Product– Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guide


Producer– Fat Goblin Games

Price– $3.95 here  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/223749/Alien-Evolution-Cosmic-Race-Guidebook?affiliate_id=658618

TL; DR-Jack Kirby does Starfinder! 96%

Basics-Tired of just the core races already?  Need some more classic 70’s ancient aliens artwork?  Then I’ve got a book for you!  The Cosmic Race Guide has an impressive amount of new species to plop into any Starfinder game.

Mechanics or Crunch-Starfinder, when it launched, didn’t have a lot of races.  None of what was there was bad, but it was a limited picking.  This book opens up the floodgates.  Nothing here is all that crazy.  The races do follow a pretty predictable formula, but its not a bad formula as everything is balanced.  I would have liked a few racial feats for each race.  But, there are over 10 new races here, so It’s a great place to look for an impressive assortment of new races for any space game.  4.75/5

Theme or Fluff– Here is where the book shines.  Every page of this book feels like Jack Kirby wrote it as the art is completely New Gods or crazy space Thor 3 on every page.  Everything feels right.  You get a full color art picture of each race and its homeworld.  The art mixed with the flavor of the races just belongs.  Starfinder is already a mix of magic, machine, and the future, so adding the proper amount of crazy Kirby makes me extremely happy.  5/5

Execution– I am really pleased with this book.  First and foremost, it’s a hyperlinked PDF.  Next, the art is great.  I would have liked more, but it’s enough to break up any monotony.  The layout isn’t cluttered.  My one grip is the price.  It’s a tad high, but if you want a ton of new races, this is the book you need.  It’s a well put together book that’s fun to thumb through till you find your favorite race and dig in. 4.5/5

Summary-I really like this product.  I read this book the week after seeing Thor 3 in theaters, and it feels like an honest extension of the movie.  You get Kirby, you get aliens, and you get your magic.  Starfinder feels like the 70’s comic vibe will fit better than any serious game play as you have the elements of more space opera than space drama built right in, and this book takes that banner and runs hard with that idea.  I wouldn’t consider this the most serious book.  This isn’t Lord of the Rings, but it is an amazing romp in the galaxy showing you all the crazy kids at the cantina while giving you the rules to play each of them in turn.  Get this book, crank your Flash Gordon soundtrack, and find your next favorite character to play in the galaxy.  96%


Daily Punch 1-1-18 Hunker feat for Starfinder

Let’s star this year off with a bit of Starfinder.  A quick feat for those who like to get to cover ASAP!


Hunker (COMBAT)

Duck and cover is your life motto!

Benefit:When you take cover, you hid behind it better than most.  When you are under cover, you may choose to upgrade the cover by one level based on the chart below.

partial cover->soft cover->cover->improved cover(+8 AC, +4 Ref Save)-> total cover