Daily Punch 7-28-21 Cardiostimulant technological item for Starfinder

How about healing on call for Starfinder?


This small flat panel has a number of small needles on the other side. When placed over the heart, each panel has enough battery power to deliver a single charge to the heart or heart-like organ of a creature. Upon being reduced to zero hit points and no cardiovascular activity, the cardiostimulant will deliver its charge in a massive dose reviving the wearer and healing a number of hit points a shown below. Once used, the device falls off.

Mk 11d6 Hit Points
Mk 23d6 Hit Points
Mk 36d6 Hit Points

 Cardiostimulant, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 50; Bulk L

Cardiostimulant, Mk 2

Level 5; Price 425; Bulk L

 Cardiostimulant, Mk 3

Level 9; Price 1,950; Bulk L

Daily Punch 7-19-21 Repulser Gloves weapon for Starfinder

Still obsesed with throwing a coffee cup into the head of a god at the speed of light BUT NOW IN STARFINDER!

Repulser Gloves

Repulser gloves allow even the weakest to throw common items at close to the speed of sound via gravaton particles. When a character grabs any non weapon item and activates the gloves via an attack, the item is thrown at the target.

 Repulser Gloves, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 100
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 1d4 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Repulser Gloves, Mk 2

Level 10; Price 16,100
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 2d8 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Specialpowered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Repulser Gloves, Mk 3

Level 13; Price 52,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 3d10 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

 Repulser Gloves, Mk 4

Level 17; Price 214,850
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 5d10 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Daily Punch 7-7-21 Brand Loyalty feat for Starfinder

How about some love for our sponsors?

Brand Loyalty

Why would I use a lesser product?

Benefit: Choose a particular band of weapon or armor. You gain a bonus to damage or KAC and EAC equal to 1/4 your level, rounded down minimum 1. This bonus still applies to different versions of the same armor or weapon such as mark 1 vs mark 2, but not to different weapons or armors of the same type.

Special: You can choose this multiple times but each time this must be applied to a different weapon or armor types.


Daily Punch 6-30-21 Tenser’s floating hoverdisk personal item for Starfinder

I have a Romba, so why wouldn’t my character have something similar?

Tenser’s Floating Hoverdisk

Category Personal Items
Level 5;Price 500


Not everyone can cast a spell, but with Tenser’s (R), you don’t have to! This floating droid is programmed to follow you around at a distance of 5 feet away. It can carry up to 300 lbs of material and is sized small one half foot thick floating robot. It has KAC 13 and EAC 13. and 20 hp. Off a one hour charge, it can float  following you for 24 hour. It floats off the ground at a height of five feet in standard gravity, but in zero gravity can follow you with no problem using jets in all directions.

As a bonus feature, if asked, the robot will sweep and mop an area of 20 feet by 20 feet avoiding carpets in one hour.


Daily Punch 6-28-21 and 6-29-21 Iomedaean Fitness Tracker and Kasatha meditation application technology item for Starfinder

So, I have been thinking lately. I have a fitbit and I do headspace. It helps me stay calm (ok calmer then the rage monster I am). I also know that I do better for weight and health when I get my steps in. Why wouldn’t they have those in the far flung future?

Iomedean Fitness Tracker
Iomedae is the true mark of self perfection. Her followers strive to be the best they can be. This includes those who don’t quite have the self resolve to keep their own fitness regimen. This Fitness tracker links with a personal computer and tracks food intake, activity, and sleep. If you follow this device and the teachings of Iomedae, you to can be a better version of yourself! You must spend one hour a day following this device. If you do, you gain an circumstance bonus to fortitude saving throws for 24 hours. At the end of those 24 hours, you can gain follow the tracker’s program and gain the bonus again.

Iomedean Fitness Tracker , Mk 1
Level 4; Price 1,800; Bulk —
Description +1 circumstance bonus to fortitude saving throws for 24 hours.

Iomedean Fitness Tracker , Mk 2
Level 8; Price 8,400; Bulk —
Description +2 circumstance bonus to fortitude saving throws for 24 hours.

Iomedean Fitness Tracker , Mk 3
Level 12; Price 33,500; Bulk —
Description +3 circumstance bonus to fortitude saving throws for 24 hours.

Kasatha Meditation Application

The Kasatha have traveled far, and have mastered the arts of mastering their own mind. Other races wish to learn these secrets, and some Kasatha have taken to helping others achieve this goal via technology. If you spend an hour in quite meditation each day following this program you download into a personal communicator, you gain an circumstance bonus to fortitude saving throws. This bonus last for 24 hours, but you can meditate again to regain that bonus.

Kasatha Meditation Application , Mk 1
Level 4; Price 1,800; Bulk —
Description +1 circumstance bonus to will saving throws for 24 hours.

Kasatha Meditation Application , Mk 2

Level 8; Price 8,400; Bulk —
Description +2 circumstance bonus to will saving throws for 24 hours.

Kasatha Meditation Application , Mk 3
Level 12; Price 33,500; Bulk —
Description +3 circumstance bonus to will saving throws for 24 hours.

Thoughts? Is the level too low? Does making the device take time make up for the lower level?

Daily Punch 6-10-21 Speed Learning M1 T1 magic for Starfinder

Time for some Starfinder in the same area as I’ve been playing. Let’s do some learning!


School divination

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Target one creature

Duration 1 round/level (D)

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

This spell allows you to teach another something you know quickly. For the duration of the spell, the target gains ranks in a skill with which you are trained equal to your to your ranks and that skill is considered a class skill for the target.


Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Starfinder Society Scenario #1-16: Dreaming of the Future

Product– Starfinder Society Scenario #1-16: Dreaming of the Future

System- Starfinder

Producer– Paizo

Price– $5.99 here https://paizo.com/products/btpya08w?Starfinder-Society-Scenario-116-Dreaming-of-the-Future 

TL; DR-Good introduction to the world of Starfinder Society.  92%

Basics–  Starfinder!  Society calls!  New Starfinders are needed to help find the pieces of an old tablet that will open a long lost vault in the stars.  This adventure is four short scenes that are all tied together in one adventure.

Mechanics or Crunch-This is a good introductory adventure that has some exploration, combat, space combat, and a bit of social interaction.  The only downside is the pieces may be a bit easy for most players.  Even pregens have an easy go of this one.  But it’s fun nonetheless.  4.5/5

Theme or Fluff– This adventure is four short adventures that all tie together.  It’s a bit rough between the pieces, but the goal of this one is to be more an intro to the world, Starfinder Society, and the system. It does a solid enough job with a decent story providing the basics of the world and story of it.  4.5/5

Execution– PDF? Yes.  Hyperlinked?  Yes.  Good layout, handout, and all the other basics make this a solid adventure.  The pieces I don’t like are the maps that you have to buy because the maps are marked up.  I understand why, but it’s still annoying.  That’s the worst part of the execution, so that is not bad at all.  4.75/5

Summary-. Dreaming of the Future is a solid introduction with a few rough parts.  The rough parts are all due to the episodic nature of this one.  The pieces are short but that helps with new players learning the system.  If you want a fun quick adventure for a new group of Starfinders, you would have a hard time finding a better one than this one.  92%

Daily Punch 5-31-21 Right On Target (Combat) feat for Starfinder

Played some Starfinder this weekend, and had a player hit the target intersection of for a grenade TWICE with a natural 20! They were not amused… Let’s fix that!

Right on Target (COMBAT)

Your grenades hit home with the most force.

Prerequisite(s): Proficiency with grenades.

Benefit(s): When you throw a grenade at a group of targets and one of the targets is in one of the four squares at the intersection you throw the grenade in to and you score a critical hit, the grenade does double damage to that one target. The target is still allowed a save as normal.


Daily Punch 5-27-21 HUD eye augmentation for Starfinder

I pay way too many video games with heads up displays. Time for that in Starfinder!

Heads Up Display Ocular Implant

Item Level 5; Price 2,825; System Eyes
This small implant is placed into your eye but leave most of your eye intact. You gain access to your computer at all times assuming that you have linked the computer to this augment. You can move the display in your vision to be full view or occupy a small area. This does not distract you but you must still use normal actions to interact with your display. This enhancement can be linked to any non-archaic weapon you have to also allow you to gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls as you network and analyze your attacks with telemetric and biometric data with your weapon and computer.


Daily Punch 4-26-21 Sphere of Depression M4 Spell for Starfinder

Ok, time for one more version of this spell.


School enchantment

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./level)

Duration 1 round/level (D)

Saving Throw Will; Spell Resistance yes

You summon forth a five foot sphere of blue light to a point in range. The sphere radiates an area of faint blue light to to 20 feet that drains the will to live of any creature in it.. All creatures that enter the area of the blue light must make a Will saving throw.  A creature that succeeds at the saving throw is only fatigued, unless it is already fatigued, in which case it instead becomes exhausted despite the saving throw. Creatures that fail the save are instead are exhausted. If a creature leave the area of blue light, the conditions from the sphere ends. As a swift action, each turn you can move the sphere up to 30 feet.