Daily Punch 10-30-12

Its time for a multi game feat!

Advance into the cut when you kill an enemy with a melee attack, you may move 5 feet as a free action in between any other attacks this round.  Limit once per round.  This movement does not provoke any attacks from the enemies.

One thought on “Daily Punch 10-30-12

  1. At first glance it felt a bit weak for the cost of a feat. However a closer looks shows that it does offer something very few other feats do, to adjust your position after an attack. It should be clarified however that it does not count as having moved for the purposes of special abilities such as a scouts skirmisher ability. If it does count as movement then it will become broken quickly as every scout out there will take it so they can move 10 feet after a kill and allow them to get their bonuses from skirmisher plus a full attack action.

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