Daily Punch 3-11-13

Its time for some DnD next spells!


Force Blast-you channel raw power to blast your enemies in front of you

2nd-Level Evocation

Effect:Each creating in a 15-foot cone originating from you must make a dexterity saving throw.  A creature takes 2d8 force damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one.

All objects under 50 lbs moved 5 feet by the power of the spell

Special:When you cast this spell using a slot of a level higher then 2nd, the damage increases by 1d8 for each level above 2st.



Daily Punch 3-5-13

How about another Pathfinder feat?  This time for those with a mix in their family history.


Elf Blood-Feat, Racial-You must not be an elf to take this feat-Somewhere in you family line, you have elf blood-You gain immunity to paralyzing effects and a +1 bonus to saves vs. enchantment.  You only need to sleep half as long as a normal member of your race.



Daily punch 3-4-13

Working out makes me think I’ve got something to prove in pathfinder

Something to prove-trait-once per day when you roll a d20 as part of a skill, attack, or save you may reroll the die after learning if you succeed. If you fail on the second roll you must take this result and for the rest of the day you take a -1 penalty to any roll of the type you rerolled until you succeed on a roll.


Daily Punch 3-1-13

I think I want to build a defending Magus,  Lets start small with a Magus Arcana for Pathfinder


Sudden Shield (su): The magus can expand two points form his arcane pool as an immediate action to grant an ally within 30 feat a shield bonus to AC equal to his intelligence bonus until the end of his next turn.



Daily Punch 2-28-13

Its time for another Pathfinder Item

Dimensional Daggers-This pair of daggers has a wavy image of a man carved into their mother of pearl grips.  Mild Enchantment  These pair of +2 daggers are enchanted with the ability to baffle all who oppose their users.  When each dagger is used in the pair, the user gains a +5 bonus to bluff checks made to feint in combat.  Also, the user of these daggers is affected by the blur spell against any target that has been the target of a successful feint attempt within the last hour.  Value: 50,000 gp