Ed….Are you dead?… A Throat Punch Games Update!

Hello all!

Sorry things have been a bit….spotty lately.  Things have been a bit too exciting around here for things to go well.  I’ve had not one, but two grandmothers die, a semester ended, another project is in post-production, and my regular gig is going well, but again, busy!  Now that summer is over, and life can calm down, things will be a bit more regular around here…..

SO, LET’S DO SOMETHING CRAZY!  My goal for this summer is a more regular schedule and to put out Throat Punch Games first product via the DMs Guild.  My goal is September, so let’s see how that goes!


And now the schedule


Monday              Regular Post

Tuesday              Regular Post AND board game review

Wednesday        Regular Post

Thursday            Regular Post

Friday                  Regular Post AND RPG review

Sunday                Opinion Piece-book review, RPG/Board Gaming Opinion, random musing


Ok Let’s make this awesome!

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