Injury and the daily punch 12-10-12

Stabbed my foot today and it gave me an idea for pathfinder and Arcanis
Old leg injury
Flaw or negative feat
When you suffer a critical hit, in addition to all other effects your movement speed is reduced by half for 24 hours or until a spell like remove affliction or restoration cast on you.  If you suffer another critical hit while effected by this feat your movement speed becomes 5ft.  If you take this feat/flaw then you gain an additional feat.

One thought on “Injury and the daily punch 12-10-12

  1. I like this but it seems like using healing magic breaks it, especially if you get a feat for it and there is a healer in the party. Perhaps a healing spell could reduce the duration of the speed penalty, say by half as the character deals with the “phantom” pain. Or at the very least it may not be restored until after the combat is over.

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