Daily Punch 7-11-17 Dinomen race for DnD 5e

DnD is going South, so why not have Dinomen to compliment the dinoriders!




Dinomen are a race of mystery and division.  Dinomen come from the southern jungles, living in isolated tribes of hunter gatherers.  They survive as a tribe through hard work with little contact with the outside world.  They are not know for their technology, but what they do have is  strong crafted stone tools.  Dinomen are not are not often found ranging from their homes, but when they do find society, they do fit in well to a new group.  Dinomen are know for quick growth, but their brains lag behind and even full grown dinomen standing over eight feet tall may only be as developed as a child.

The origin of the dinomen is a mystery.  Some speculate that their sentience was a gift from their mother goddess and the carnivores was a bane from their dark hunter god, while others point to wizards merging men and dinosaurs to create a stronger working stock.  In either case they have existed for centuries, and show no signs of going extinct any time soon.

An oddity among the dinomen is their complete lack of animal husbandry.  It is not known why their groups have not domesticated other, lesser dinosaurs or other creatures.  It is suspected that some dinomen might view this as slavery to their kin or that simple hunger may drive carnivores to eat all captures livestock.

Physical Description

The one commonality among all the dinomen is that they differ.  Dinomen very from depending on the stock they derived from.  Dinosaur men who were shaped from long necked, long bodied dinosaurs can stand over 10 feet tall.  Dinomen who derived from raptors might stand hunched and stand less then four feet tall at the highest point.  The all stand bipedal, but some have faces with too many teeth while others are slow herbivores who chew grasses constantly.


The one truth about dinomen that is common among all the veried types is their tribal nature.  Each tribe of dinomen forges a close bond among all members of the troop.  These people work together in socialist, egalitarian groups.  However, trade between groups is looked up with suspicion as each group is unsure of the motives of the others.  Carnivores follow this as well, but their harvest tend to be more grizzly than their herbivore brothers.


Dinomen among other races are rare.  They function in society extremely well, but they tend to shun others as they are a naturally cautions race.  They tend to prefer open jungle, so dwarven ruins and other underground races see these people even less then the surface races.

Alignment and Religion

Dinomen tend to live simple lives where government is not an often considered problem.  Thus these people tend to be chaotic compared to other races.  They do follow traditions of their tribes, but they do not follow most laws seeing individual possession as asynchronous to survival of the tribe as a whole, thus they do not agree with most property laws.

For religion, they follow a polytheistic religion where two main gods view for dominion.  These two gods have different views depending on the nature of the dinomen.  Herbivors view the Grand Mother as a generator of all life and intelligence of their race, while they feel here opposite is the Dark Hunter stalking among the evil taking the good to be devoured in the dark.  Carnivores see the Dark Hunter as their noble progenitor teaching intelligence as a trick to harvest more prey, and the Grand Mother the simple behemoth who and whose children must be stalked as a necessary part of the circle of life.


Dinomen who do not want the simple tribe life are always free to leave the group.  This is a monumental step in an individual’s life as leaving is seen as suicide among the herbivores and being a traitor among the carnivores as they hunters now have a harder time surviving, but no one will stop this process.  Those who see a wider world leave often to find new hunting grounds or more interesting places to roam.

Male Names: Thark, Nurak, Berdic, Hiore, Mioric.

Female Names: S’ssars, Ppric, Weir, Quuica, Gricss.


Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 1, and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age: Dinomen grow quick, but develop their intelligence slowly. They walk hours mier minutes after hatching, grow to the size of a man by age 2, but are not considered adult till then reach 20 winters.  They live to be around 70.

Alignment: Dinomen are creatures of instinct, and most tend to align more toward chaotic than lawful.  They can be both good and evil, but their tribal, family nature makes them much more likely to settle disputes through force then arbitration.

Size:  Dinomen stand taller then men, but vary depending on the type of dinosaure they came from.  Some dinosaurs are hunched and stand less then four feet tall, while long necked dinomen could easily stand taller then 10 feet tall with most of their height being their necks.  Your size is medium, and your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Dinosaur Toughness: Your family comes from dinosaur stock, and you evolved to survive hard attacks.  Increase your armor by +1 as your has a natural armor bonus from your hide.

Tooth and Claw: Whether from your spiked tail or large teeth and claws, you are a force to be reckoned with.  You are considered proficient with unarmed attacks, and your unarmed attacks do 1d4 piercing damage.

Darkvision and Colorblindness: Accustomed to running in the dark jungle, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light and darkness. You can’t discern color in any situation.

Dinosaur Heritage: Your ancient ancestors had to track game or find food in the wilderness, and this ability was passed to their young.  Gain proficiency in Wisdom(survival).

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and dinosaur. You can speak a rudimentary language that most dinosaurs speak.  It is a guttural language with clicks and sequels that most humans find almost impossible to speak.



You come from the dinosaurs who had to defend themselves to survive from the terrors of the dark.

Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Herd Tactics: Gain proficiency in Strength(athletics).



You derive from a long line of solitary hunters who stalked their prey through cunning and stealth.

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 1.

Herd Tactics: Gain proficiency in Dexterity(stealth).

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