Ring Side Report- Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Product– Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

System- DnD 5th Edition

Producer– Wizards of the Coast

Price– $36 here 

TL; DR– kind of fitting for what we have been seeing from WotC.  73%

Basics–  Time for the War of the Lance… again.  Learn the basics of the Dragonlance setting and play through the most famous adventure.

Mechanics or Crunch– This book adds a bit, but not much, in terms of game mechanics.  You get a bit of background on the setting’s most famous addition, the kender, and you also get rules for mass battles and sidekicks.  Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s not much.  For this world, I would expect more, especially given the crazy things that have happened with magic, moons, and divine magic.  What’s here is good, but there is not as much as I would hope.  4/5

Theme or Fluff– This is a let down.  There is a story that is decent, but it’s been done.  Why not modernize the setting or deal with the fallout of many of the books?  This just feels like a rehash of things or a reboot.  Couple that with the fact that the whole setting is given 20 pages of background and you get something that works, but it’s not a solid effort.  3/5

Execution-You can buy a decently made book.  But there is no PDF available, legally.  You can buy a computer version via DnD Beyond, but you must deal with DnD Beyond.  It’s got good layout and text, but those two things itself knock this down many pegs.  4/5

Summary– This book feels like many of the most recent setting books WotC is putting out.  There are a few pages of setting and then an adventure.  You have a GIANT world out there with lots of stuff and you get 20 pages.  I just feel this isn’t done well.  If you want to replay the war of the lance and you want 5e to do it, this will be your book.  If, like me, you wanted a solid introduction to the system and you wanted it to tie in to where the world is now, then this will not be your book.  73%

Daily Punch 1-4-23 Mountain Stance feat for DnD 5e

Why not have stances for DnD?

Mountain Stance

prerequisite: monk unarmed attack feature

No force can move you! As an bonus action, you can enter the stance of the mountain. You can only be in one stance at a time When you do, gain the following benefits:

  • Gain advantage on any saves to remain where you are, remain stationary, and remain upright. Enemies gain disadvantage on any attempts via attacks, spells, or abilities to remove you or knock you down.
  • When you are upright and have both feet on the ground, one attack you make each round gains bonus damage equal to 1/2 your level, rounded down.


Daily Punch 1-2-23 Camerlengo’s Hammer artifact for DnD 5e

How about something typical?

Camerlengo’s Hammer

Weapon (any hammer), legendary (requires attunement by a divine spell caster)

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The DC of any divine spell you cast increases by 3, and you gain a +3 bonus to spell attack rolls as well. This item functions as a holy symbol.

When an incapacitated creatures is struck three times (requiring three different attacks) on the head, The creature is instantly destroyed with no capacity for regeneration, resurrection, true resurrection, or returning to life in any capacity. The body instantly is reduced to ash with no heat, and the soul is freed from any binding contracts it made with alive. The soul is then instantly judged and sent to an afterlife based on its action in its life as would any moral in that situation with the soul being unable to use any negotiated contracts to forgo punishments or gain power post life. No outside force can prevent the transfer of this soul to its deserved afterlife.


Daily Punch 12-26-22 Linked Bag wondrous item for DnD 5e

Time make santa’s sack for DnD!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, vary rare

This bag can be crafted of any material with the only limits being it must have a draw string and the edge of the bag must be inscribed with runes as part of its creation. If a person knows the combination of runes can inscribe them onto a door over the course of an hour and link the bag and the door. The bag can be opened nearly impossibly size up to a size of the linked door. As an action, you can open the bag and it opens a portal to the linked door. Anyone one or thing can move freely from the door frame to the bag and back and forth. When the bag is closed or runes removed anyone in the doorframe or bag entrance are ejected. They may choose which open they are ejected from.


Daily Punch 12-14-22 Clockwork Familiar wondrous item for DnD

I want a clockwork buddy for DnD as well!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, rare

The creature made of metal, cogs, and springs follows you around and does your bidding without question. As a bonus action you can command the creature. I has a speed of 30 feet and a climb speed of 30 feet. It has AC 10 and 10 hp. It as a move and an action each turn. It can not attack, activate magic items, or cast spells, but it can carry items up to 5 pounds and do any other actions such as administering a potion or handing items to other characters. If it takes enough damage to be knocked out, it repairs itself after a long rest.


Daily Punch 11-22-22 Shock play optional rules for DnD 5e

Playing some DnD, and I had players try to ambush some monsters at a higher level. Let’s build something that might help.


This options simulates taking massive damage to the point a creature is knocked unconscious. When a creature takes at least 50 percent of its maximum hit points in damage between the start of its turn to the start of its next turn, divine the amount of damage takes by its max hit point. Multiply that by 20 and round to the nearest whole number, rounded down. At the start of the its turn, the creature must make a flat d20 roll with a bonus equal to your Constitution bonus with the DC equal to the calculated value. On a failure, the creature fall unconscious As a bonus action, another creature can rouse the target back to conscious. Any additional damage also wakes the target up.


Daily Punch 11-15-22 Press Advantage feat for DnD 5e

How about the same idea in another game?

Press Advantage

When you hit hard, you hit hard! Gain the following advantages:

  • Increase one ability score by 1, to a maximum of 20. You MUST be able to make an attack that uses this ability score
  • When you score a critical hit, either through a spell or a weapon attack, you may make another attack as a free action. This attack can be a weapon attack or a cantrip that uses a spell attack roll.