Daily Punch 12-26-22 Linked Bag wondrous item for DnD 5e

Time make santa’s sack for DnD!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, vary rare

This bag can be crafted of any material with the only limits being it must have a draw string and the edge of the bag must be inscribed with runes as part of its creation. If a person knows the combination of runes can inscribe them onto a door over the course of an hour and link the bag and the door. The bag can be opened nearly impossibly size up to a size of the linked door. As an action, you can open the bag and it opens a portal to the linked door. Anyone one or thing can move freely from the door frame to the bag and back and forth. When the bag is closed or runes removed anyone in the doorframe or bag entrance are ejected. They may choose which open they are ejected from.



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