Daily Punch 12-27-22 Entanglement Loops technological items for Starfinder

Ok, one last system for Santa- STAR SANTA!

Entanglement Loops

Level 20; Price 750,000
Capacity -; Usage unlimited
Hands —; Bulk 1


These two hoops are created in pairs and indicated with a scannable code. Each hoop can expand up to 25 feet in length and won to a synched bag opening. Each hope is then spread across an opening to the full circumference of the opening such as a door or a bag. When powered on on both ends, using 25 changes, the two Einstein-Rosen bridge between the two points allowing instantaneous maintained gateways between the two at the cost of one charge per hour. The two continue their operation until one gate is powered off in which case anyone caught in between is allowed to choose which gate it is ejected out of or in the case of no choice or unintelligent objects or creatures, randomly.



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