Daily Punch 12-26-22 Linked Bag wondrous item for DnD 5e

Time make santa’s sack for DnD!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, vary rare

This bag can be crafted of any material with the only limits being it must have a draw string and the edge of the bag must be inscribed with runes as part of its creation. If a person knows the combination of runes can inscribe them onto a door over the course of an hour and link the bag and the door. The bag can be opened nearly impossibly size up to a size of the linked door. As an action, you can open the bag and it opens a portal to the linked door. Anyone one or thing can move freely from the door frame to the bag and back and forth. When the bag is closed or runes removed anyone in the doorframe or bag entrance are ejected. They may choose which open they are ejected from.


Daily Punch 12-14-22 Clockwork Familiar wondrous item for DnD

I want a clockwork buddy for DnD as well!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, rare

The creature made of metal, cogs, and springs follows you around and does your bidding without question. As a bonus action you can command the creature. I has a speed of 30 feet and a climb speed of 30 feet. It has AC 10 and 10 hp. It as a move and an action each turn. It can not attack, activate magic items, or cast spells, but it can carry items up to 5 pounds and do any other actions such as administering a potion or handing items to other characters. If it takes enough damage to be knocked out, it repairs itself after a long rest.


Daily Punch 10-3-22 Belt of Potions wondrous item for DnD 5e

Saw Ranking of Kings, and I saw an item I want. You might want it too.

Belt of Potions

Wondrous item, common

This brown leather belt hold a number of pouches that can hold different potions and in addition to the belt there is a small leather tube. As an action, a character can place as many potions as the character wants, up to 10, in the pouches or remove as many potions as they want as well. As a bonus action, a character can place the tube into a potion and run the tube under their clothing and armor. Once done, a character can as a free action consume a the potion the tube is in.


Daily Punch 9-26-22 Attentive Squire wondrous item for DnD 5e

I ain’t carrying crap!

Attentive Squire

Wondrous item, uncommon

A┬ásmall carved figure of a squire made from simple beadrock. Once per day, a character can say “attend me!”, and a phantasmal blurry squire will appear acting as your servant as per the spell unseen servant with the exception that servant is always visible buy shadowy, automatically follows you around, has an AC of 20. and lasts for 8 hours until dismissed or killed. Each morning you regain the use of the attentive squire.


Daily Punch 8-2-22 Mage Shield wondrous item for DnD 5e

More ideas from Elden Ring

Mage Shield

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This small copper bangle escribed with eldritch runes easily slides onto your wrist. Any character who can cast spells can channel power into this item. When you are the target of a single target ranged or melee attack, as a reaction, you can roll a magic ranged or attack roll, your choice. If your attack meet or exceeds the original attackers attack roll, you deflect the attack and prevent it form hitting you.


Daily Punch 5-4-22 Sack wondrous item for DnD 5e

My favorite item in all of fantasy is from a Russian story located here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x59yb47

How about the sack the caught death?


Wondrous item, legendary

This item looks like any other black bag with a rope to close it. However, when the wielder says a creature or group of creatures they can see and should their name and “then get it in!” as an action, the Creature must make at DC 20 will save. On a failure, the creature or group is sucked into the sack. the creature or group remains in the bag until the wielder lets them out the wielder can talk to the creature in the bag. A creature that saves against the sack are immune to the effects for 24 hours.


Daily Punch 5-3-22 Healing Canteen Wondrous Item for DnD 5e

Why note have enough healing potions when you need them?

Healing Canteen

Wondrous item, uncommon (potion of healing),rare (potion of greater healing), very rare (potion of superior healing), or legendary (potion of supreme healing)

This canteen is marked with holy symbols. Each day, refreshing at dawn, you can pour three potions from the canteen as an action. You can instead pour all three doses on a creature and completely heal that creature to its maximum hit points.