Daily Punch 6-14-22 Focused Fire (Combat) feat for Starfinder

Something I LOVE from Call of Cthulhu is if a target has to dodge multiple times in a turn, it gets harder and harder until its impossible. Let’s make this happen in Starfinder!

Focused Fire (Combat)

You tell your allies to give it all they got at one weak point in the enemies defenses.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +5.

Benefit: As a swift action, choose an enemy and either KAC, EAC, reflex saves, fortitude saves, or will save. From the start of your turn to the end of your next turn, each time an attack is made against that defense past the first the attack gains a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus to that attack, or if a save is chosen, the enemy has a gains a cumulative -1 penalty past the first save.


Daily Punch 6-13-22 Electric Slap cantrip for Pathfinder 2e

I have some casters who are far enough back to not need to move and happy casing one spell. Let’s give them a toy for when they are board with that last actions.

Electric Slap 1 action Cantrip 1

Cantrip Electricity Evocation Flourish
Traditions arcane, primal
Mystery tempest
Cast somatic
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creatures
Saving Throw basic Reflex

You snap a small spark at a creature. You deal electricity damage equal to your spellcasting ability modifier

Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 1


Daily Punch 6-9-22 Empower Self feat for DnD 5e

Let’s overpower ourselves in DnD!

Empower Self

Your just built to be the storngest. Gain the following benefits:

Everything is anything you want. Gain the following benefits:

  • Gain a +1 bonus to Constitution and Strength saving throws.
  • When you are healed magically, any additional hit points over your maximum are converted to temporary hit points. You can gain a number of temporary hit points equal to twice your level this way.


Daily Punch 6-2-22 Force of Faith cantrip for Pathfinder 2e

Saw a simple combo from a wizard and felt my cleric should be able to do it too! Swing and spell. AC and reflex save is a solid combo in a turn.

Force of Faith Cantrip 1

Force Cantrip Evocation
Traditions  divine, occult
Cast  somatic, verbal
Range 60 feet; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw basic Reflex

You punish an enemy with the portion of divine will. You deal force damage equal to 1d4 plus your spellcasting ability modifier.

Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 1d4.

Daily Punch 6-1-22 GRENADE PUNCH[COMBAT] feat for Starfinder

I had a player decide he REALLY wanted to play with fire!

Grenade Punch(Combat)

Prerequisites: Grenade Proficiency, base attack bonus +7
Move like a butterfly, sting like a bomb.

Benefit: When you make an unarmed melee attack, you can pull a grenade from an available location like drawing a weapon and stick it to the target of the melee attack on a hit. The target will not receive a reflex saving throw to avoid damage and effects, and it will the the only target dealt damage and effects of the grenade.


Daily Punch 5-31-22 Spirit Strike M0 spell for Starfinder

One last time for our Starfinder Mystics!

Spirit Strike

Classes Mystic 0
School evocation (force)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range touch
Targets one creature or object
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes


Your faith bring force a solid representation of your connections will to assault your enemies in the form of a melee weapon, requiring a melee attack against the target’s EAC. If your attack hits, the spirit weapon deals 1d8 damage to your target.

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Daily Punch 5-30-22 Spirit Strike spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Spirit Strike Cantrip

Attack Cantrip Evocation
Traditions divine
Cast  somatic, verbal
Range Touch; Targets 1 creature

You summon and swing a weapon made of divine force. Make a melee spell attack roll against your target’s AC. On a success, you deal 1d6 force damage plus your spellcasting ability modifier. On a critical success, the target takes double damage.

Heightened (+1) Increase the damage by 1d6.

Daily Punch 5-25-22 Holy Weapon spell for DnD 5e

I want my cleric up close and I want to show people gods mercy!

Holy Weapon

Evocation cantrip

Casting Time:1 action
Components:V, S

With a quick prayer, you summon your deities weapon out of divine energy and swing at an enemy. Make a melee spell against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 radiant damage.

The spell’s damage increases by 1d10 when you reach 5th level (2d10), 11th level (3d10), and 17th level (4d10).