Ring Side Report-Let’s Play Green Bay Day 1!

This weekend Throat Punch Games is at Let’s Play Green Bay!  Green Bay Wisconsin’s premier gaming convention!  Let’s Do a run down of what I did on Day one of the Con!


I was one of the first people through the door.  Mayfair games just released a few copies of the new expansion to Settlers of Catan: Explorers and Pirates.  Every day at the con, Let’s Play is allowed to sell 4 copies, and we got one!

From there, my group went around the con and checked out the booths.  Sadly, some of the companies were not there due the the Wisconsin weather or complicated engagements.  One of these was Fantasy Flight.  They originally said they would be at the convention, but they had to move their offices and this was the weekend they were able to do so.  While sad, FF proves they are once again a class act by not only paying for parking for the WHOLE SHOW, they send a crap load of demo games for people to play in the board game area!  Nice one FF.

After walking through the con, I sidled up to Passport Games and Tokaido.  The theme of this game is a group of people walking across feudal Japan.  In therms of play,  this game is a semi-hard Eurogame.  The main mechanic is your player may move to any spot ahead of any other player, but not with the player and have an encounter there.  Their is little randomness in the game with the only randomness coming from what food and items you by or people and rest you meet.  I won, but what I really liked was how my thoughts about the game changed over time.  When I started, I was not very impressed as I thought the game was a glorified game of leapfrog, but later when my money ran out, I had to make hard choices and that made things fun.  MSRP $40 , and ya know, I think I might do it.

Next, my family split up, and I played some games for a younger audience.  I played a few balance games from Haba games.  It was fun.  One game was Super Rhino!  Now, I might not be in the target audience since I’m almost 30, but I think using my shot glass from Passport Games with the Rhino game might be an awesome combination!  MSRP $12

After that I went to Eden Studies and talked about All Fresh Must Be Eaten.  I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time, and I got to talk with one of the principle writers for the game.  That was pretty great!  He is demoing a game that will be kickstarted in a few months.  I plan to get my family to play his game, and I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

From there I went to Prolific Games and played Hirelings: The Ascent.  Now this is the exact opposite of Tokaido as this game is completely random and crazy.  The main idea is run from the dragon as fast as possible.  It plays a bit like shoots and ladders.  If you want a hard eurogame, do not play this.  If you want a fun game at the end of a day of DnD when the pizza is cold and the beer has come out, this is your game.  MSRP $35 bucks.  I with I got on the kickstarter as I this game was pretty sweet.


Ok, con tomorrow.  Lets see what fun happens tomorrow!

Daily Punch 4-12-13

I saw something in DnD Next that I think my players need.


Shared Fortunes-Level 1 necromancy for cleric, wizard, druid, ranger

Cast-1 Action

Duration-1 Day

Effect: When you cast this spell choose one other person.  When an effect would increase or decrease one of the target’s hit points, you may reduce the effect by as much as half.  The effect then occurs to someone else under this spell.

Adaptation:You may cast this spell at a higher level then 1st.  For each level above the first, you may place this spell on one other person.

Daily Punch 4-10-13

How about some more flaws for Pathfinder?


Chemical Dependence-Flaw-you need something or things go bad in a hurry-Choose one of two levels for this flaw-Minor  or Major-Minor is equivalent to one feat, while Major is equivalent to two.  You must consume the object of your dependence once every 24 hours for minor or twice every 24 hours for major.  If you fail to do so, you take a -2 on all check for minor, and a -4 for major.  When presented with an opportunity to use the object of your dependence you must make a will save-DC 10+1/2 level for minor and DC 15 15+1/2 level for major.  Your dependence may be used against you to force your character to things they would normality not do.



Daily Punch 4-9-13

More flaws for Pathfinder!


Quick to anger-Flaw-you find it hard to control your temper-When a character says anything that would anger or contradict your character, you must make a diplomacy check using your own charisma for the check DC.  If you fail you become one step more hostile to the character.  You may need repeat this check several times.  If you become hostile toward the character and must attack the character.  After this attack your attitude become unfriendly.



Daily Punch 4-8-13

Time for another Pathfinder Flaw!


Anxiety-Flaw-You always believe the worst thing is coming and this makes it that much more likely to happen-When planning any event more then one turn in the future, you take a -2 penalty to all checks as part of this plan as your are distracted by thinking the worst thing could occur during any event.  If you are making checks that are not part of any planning, you do not suffer this penalty.

Daily Punch 4-1-13

Sorry to have been away for the last bit, its been a hectic time lately!  However, I’m back and I have an idea based on the number of fish fries I’ve seen in the last few days…

Religious obligations-Flaw-You are devoted to your religion to the extent it interferes with your work and life-Select a religion and choose holy days for it.  This must include major holidays and weekly obligations.  These obligations must include at least 20% of your time.  You may select a day of the week when you are fasting or some how otherwise unable to perform at your best.  On those days you take a -1 to all checks.  On major religions occasions  you may simple be unable to contribute to your parties abilities or you taken a major penalty of -3 to all checks due to extreme hunger or thirst.

By taking a flaw, you may take an additional feat.  Most flaws are taken at character generation.  However, at DM’s discretion, you may take this flaw after character generation if you character becomes very religions in game.