3 thoughts on “Daily Punch 4-25-13

  1. I think it would be easier to either just (1) have Fort, Reflex, Will saves, or (2) use non-AC defenses.

    Myself, I prefer (2). You initiate an action, either making an attack or casting a spell, you roll. Easy to learn, easy to remember.

    1. I want the Fort, Reflex, Will to come back like in 3e. Now, I know you like 4e more then 3e, so the static defenses are closer to what you love. Legacy from 1ed up to 4e is more roll for some defenses. I think DnD Next design goals will take them toward the “roll-defense” model though.

  2. I can see this flavorfully, the wizard uses his quick wit to move from the incoming lblasts tragectory. But i am wondering if it would be balanced mechanically. Could merit some real testing and if funtionality is fine then see about possible similar feats.

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