Ring Side Report-Let’s Play Green Bay Day 2!

It’s another day in Green Bay and another day playing games!


Day started with Kill the Overlord.  The basics of the game is hot potato with a card that kills a character.  You respawn each round.  There are two ways to win and both require you to be the overlord.  If you heave enough money or you kill all the other characters.  Quick game that is good family fun.  I ended up buying the game as the producers of the game were giving away kickstarter rewards if you bought it at the con.  MSRP $20


Next I played Tsuro of the Seas.  It plays just like Tsuro, (see tabletop), with one major exception.  In this game you roll dice to see if dragons move.  The dragons can instantly kill your character, but they also now erase paths allowing you to possibly be saved by the bell!  Great game, family friendly and quick!  You can play with and without the dragons for the base Tsuro game.  MSRP $40


At this point, I was able to convince my brothers to play Brass and Steel by Pemean Games.  This is a steampunk game set in 1905 with a bit of magic thrown in for extra fun.  The basic mechanic of the game is add a skill to a ability and roll lower then the number.  My brothers turned an intricate mission into a smash and grab.  Fun times and it really got my 11 year old brother into steampunk.  I’d play again and will by the book from Drive through RPG because if you prove you bought the physical book PDF is free!  Also, BOOK IS $25!  YOU CAN NOT BEAT THAT!  STEAMPUNK FUN ON THE CHEAP!

During this game, the 501st cosplayers ran a promotion where you got to shoot stormtroopers for money with procedures going to charity.  Class acts all around, those guys.

After the RPG, I played Flapjacks and Sasquatches.  Its a card game were the basics are draw one/play one with limited interruptions.  To score points you roll dice to cut down trees.  First to 21 win.  Quick, easy, and family friendly.   Unfortunately, the game at the con is the base game without the bacon expansion for $15.  With the expantion (reprints on the way), $25.

The last game of the day was was Hit the Trail.  Its card/dice game with the object of removing cards from your hand for points.  If you get to 100 points you win.  Quick, easy, and family fun with MATH!  I bought this game because it was a total of $12.  You can NOT beat that!


Well lets go home and play some games!  See you at the con for the final day!

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