8-29-12 What’s this? DnD Next?

Ya know what DnD Next is missing?  That’s right, the Swordmage!

Specialty – Swordmage Training

Requirement- Magical Lore, proficiency with a sword

Through hard training your character is able to protect those who are dear to him/her through application of protective magic….

Level 1-Swordmage Aegis-Chose an enemy within 30 feet of your character, as a reaction that enemy gains disadvantage on all strikes that do not include you this turn.  If you are not next to the ally that the enemy strikes, each d20 rolled for the attack gains a +2 modifier

Level 3-Swordmage Rebuff-You gain an expertise die equal to a fighter of your level.  This expertise die may only be used in the following situation:  if any enemy under your Swordmage Aegis successfully attack an ally, you may as part of the same reaction from Swordmage Aegis roll your expertise die and subtract the amount shown from the damage to your ally.

Here are the first two feats for the Swordmage.  I think this works well with the current feat structure.  Much like the guardian, this character protects his allies, but does so from range.  Odds are this will change as more DnD Next info comes out and they change the specialties.  Its my first attempt at making some DnD next stuff so drop a line and tell me if its broken, underpowered, or just right.

2 thoughts on “8-29-12 What’s this? DnD Next?

  1. So, for the level 1 feat, it is easier for the enemy to hit your friend if you’re not next to your friend? Am I understanding that correctly?

    1. with disadvantage your roll twice and take the low. The protector feat give disadvantage if your are adjacent to both people. I think you should get a penalty for no having to be adjacent, so I went +2 to the lowest roll. I thought that was fair.
      To be honest being able to get fighter expertise die might be a bit over powered….

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