Day 2-Shadowrun

It’s day two and last night was Shadowrun, here’s something that came to mind….

Positive Quality- Junk Yard-10BP Cost

Make a Perception check with the time of one day-for each success reduce the price of a single object by 5% of the market value.


Now I don’t have all the SR books, but I think this one is pretty novel.  I like tying skills to money in this game and this one give you a benefit based on what you find in a given day.  It also limits how many times you can do this since the runners can’t take forever to find everything they need.  Thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Day 2-Shadowrun

    1. I figured it would represent the time looking for the object. If you don’t get any successes then you find any. If you get more then one, then you have a few choices and can take the best one at the lowest price.

      1. So, story-wise, you’re saying the Runner is spending the day looking for stuff to buy in a junk yard, kinda thing?

      1. Odin also found a cougar in the dumpster long before the kitty found its way into the short bus.

  1. You should have found a way to rig up the cougar somehow. I’m disappointed. It could have at least made a bad ass hood ornament.

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