The first of many….

It’s time for the first of my game ideas a day.  An this one is a long time coming.  Everyone thinks that 4th is too much like World of Warcraft, but I think it’s not enough.  Therefore here is my first power for the ranger.

Deadly Distraction

Your beast companion attacks your foe and provides an opening for your allies.

Level 1 At-Will

Keywords: beast, martial

Action: standard

Range: beast 1

Target: One creature adjacent to your beast

Attack: Beast’s attack bonus vs. AC

Hit: 1[B] + beast’s strength modifier.  At 21st level, 2[B] + beast’s strength modifier

Effect: target is marked by your beast till the end of your next turn.

Why?  Well I’ve always felt that the ranger in DnD 4th should play like the Hunter in World of Warcraft.  I’m not getting into the debate of if that’s good or not, but I like the idea of being able to draw attacks with my pet.  More on this theme to come over time

3 thoughts on “The first of many….

  1. Nice theme. Just a slight not important nit pick on the technical side of things, the power should really have the martial keyword. I’d suggest that to keep this theme, without the companion going full defender, have powers that raise it’s damage or accuracy at the expense of it’s defenses or that give it vulnerabilities.

    1. I figured this would be a level 1 power. I want to do my own version of a Dragon article over time (One a day remember!). I think the system should have built in a path where you character could be a ranged ranger while your pet did the defending. So I figure I’ve got at least 10 more powers for this one, but that wont be the only thing I’ll be posting.

      Good catch on the martial thing. I’ve never been a nitpicky guys and those things help.

      1. I like it, having played a Beast Master Ranger before. I agree with adding the martial keyword, and one more addition since it is an at-will, I’d add the whole @21st level: 2[B] + strength mod. I was waiting for a power like this since Martial Power came out yet it never did come.

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