Friday 8-31-12

It’s time for more 4th edition fun.  This time its for the Shaman…Spirit Ectoplasm

Feat: You and your allies can now flank with your spirit companion.  Your spirit companion now provides cover from all attacks that cross your spirit’s space.

A quick and dirty feat.  While the spirit companion is a beast, the fact it can’t flank hurts some people.  Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Friday 8-31-12

  1. I like this one. I always felt disappointed when the bear couldn’t flank. It’s a big scary bear! It should be distracting to an enemy, ectoplasmic or not! Also, I think having Slimer as a spirit companion should be an option.

  2. if wizards can have a at-will utility power for there fimilar to flank, then there should be a feat or utiilty for the shaman’s spirit companion.

  3. I think I know where the inspiration for this one came from.

    “Oh right, I forgot they can’t flank. In that case it shows up here and possesses the hexblade making him attack with +2 hit and +3 damage bonuses.”

  4. One thing I’d do would be to make the cover partial for a first feat since ectoplasm is kinda liquidy and easy to pass things through, but have a separate one with this as a prereq that makes it fully corporeal.

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