Its that time again….

It’s that time again for a dump.. Here is the Monday Dump for September 3rd-my DnDnext BARD!

Level Weapon attack Bonus Magic Attack Bonus Spell DC Hit Dice Class Features
1 2 2 10+CHA 1d6 Skill Mastery(2), Arcane Magic, Bardic Knowledge +1, Song of Courage, cantrips (2)
2 2 2 10+CHA 2d6 Sneak Attack 1d6
3 2 2 10+CHA 3d6 Quick Song, Song +2
4 2 2 11+CHA 4d6 Sneak Attack 2d6, Bardic Knowledge +2
5 3 3 11+CHA 5d6 Song of Competence
Spell Per Day
Level 1 2 3
1 2
2 3
3 3 1
4 3 2
5 3 2 1

Ability Adjustment +1 to Cha, Int, or Str

Starting Hit Points 6+Con

Armor and Shield Proficiency: All armor and Shields

Weapon Proficiency: All

Skill Mastery-Functions exactly like the rogue’s ability but Bard chooses two abilities instead of all ability scores.

Arcane Magic-Functions like the Sorcerer’s power

Bardic Knowledge-Bards receive the indicated bonus on all untrained knowledge checks.  This bonus stacks with Skill Mastery

Cantrips-The bard receives two cantrips.

Sneak Attack- As per the rogue’s ability

Song of Courage-As a standard action each turn, a bard may play a song to inspire his allies.  All allies in 30 feet of the bard gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and fear saving throws.

Quick Song-All song abilities change from a standard action to a move action to maintain the song.

Song +2-the bonus a bard imparts to his allies changes from its stated value to a +2.

Song of Competence-Using this song, a bard may inspire his allies to improve abilities.  The bards current song bonus applies to skill checks instead of any other bonus.

Spell List



Detect Magic

Mage Hand

Ghost Sound

Level 1


Cause fear

Charm Person


Comprehend languages

Cure Light Wounds


Level 2


Cure Moderate Wounds

Hold Person


Rope Trick


Level 3


Create Food and Water

Cure Serious Wounds

Dispel Magic

Remove Affliction


Ok this one is out a big limb,  Here is my bard.  Never play-tested  First idea from my head.  Its 1st-4th edition Bard-Tastic.  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Its that time again….

  1. One issue I would bring up is that you have the Bard on a Wiz/Sorc spell progression. Though the super limited spell list does make up a bit for their additional skill with weapons and stuff that Wiz/Sorc don’t get. One common feature to the bard from 3/3.5 (and I believe 2 as well) that’s missing is the ability to wear light armor without Arcane Spell Failure chance. Perhaps tone them down the the 3.5 bard progression of gaining spells, since the spell failure for armor makes a bard makes them have to pick to either be a not as good rogue or a not as good sorc. Bards are better when they can do both on the fly.

    1. I think the spell progression I’ve got them on is cleric progression with rogue attack bonus. I felt the bard with part way between the cleric and rogue. I think the cleric will get more spells in the future though.

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