9-4-12 Pathfinder Feat Idea

Here’s today’s idea, it comes from watching Pathfinder play out with a half-orc monk.

He’s a biter!-(Combat)-requires a natural weapon attack such as a bite attack-For the purposes of your natural weapon attack, your natural weapon now counts as a monk weapon and feats applied to your monk attacks now count for your natural attack.  In addition, when you use your flurry of blows attack, gain an additional attack at your lowest attack bonus.

As I’m running my Pathfinder group, I’m watching Toof the monk have to choose to feats for her fists such as weapon finesse or feats for her bite attack.  Since there are so many options out there, shouldn’t there be a feat to unite the Monk and characters with natural attacks?  Thoughts?

One thought on “9-4-12 Pathfinder Feat Idea

  1. I do like the idea of this because I hate having to choose between punching and biting. It seems a bit overpowered since it also adds a flurry of blows attack (not that I’m complaining lol) but I am wondering what other prerequisites you are thinking of. But I like it 🙂 (And you spelled “Biter” wrong, fyi ❤ )

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