Daily Punch 1-25-21 Quick Sleeper feat for Starfinder

Quick one for Starfinder.

Quick Sleeper

You’ve never needed a lot of rest to feel ready to roll.

Prerequisites: Con 13.

Benefit: You count a getting a full nights rest in half the normal time. This effect does stack with other effects that deal with resting, healing, and recovery.


Daily Punch 1-14-21 Safety Shield magitech for Starfinder

I want more grenade smash in my games. Let’s make that happen!

Safety Shield, Mk 152,750armor
Safety Shield, Mk 21018,000armor
Safety Shield, Mk 315102,000armor
Safety Shield, Mk 420891,000armor

The safety shield is a magical augment that locks to a pieces of armor. The shield provides one directional shield that helps vent explosions around the barer. When the barer uses an explosive device and is inside the area of effect, the shield prevents the barer from damage from the effect as long as the device’s level is equal to or lower than that of the safety shield.


Daily Punch 1-6-20 Shield Grenade weapon for Starfinder

Thinking about something new, and thought about a fun new toy for my players.

Grenade TypeLevelPriceRangeCapacityBulkSpecial
Grenade, shield I220020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 10 hit points
Grenade, shield II670020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 20 hit points
Grenade, shield III103,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 30 hit points
Grenade, shield IV1412,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 40 hit points
Grenade, shield IV1865,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 50 hit points

This grenade explodes into a laser wall that springs forth and provides cover and concealment and cover. the wall is 1 inch think and has hit points depending on its level. When you throw the grenade, you choose the direction where the wall will appear. The wall last for one minute or until it takes enough damage to destroy the wall.


Daily Punch 1-5-21 Caustic Can weapon for Starfinder

Now let’s make one for Starfinder!

Grenade TypeLevelPriceCapacityBulkSpecial
Caustic Can  I61,220DrawnL1d10 B main target, explode(1d6 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can II105,000DrawnL2d10 B main target, explode(1d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can III1421,100DrawnL4d10 B main target, explode(2d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can IV18108,500DrawnL6d10 B main target, explode(3d10 A 10 ft)

The caustic can is a brightly labeled can designed to be swing against a target and explode on the surrounding enemies but vent away from the attacker. As a melee attack, a character can swing the can at a target against the targets KAC. If it hits, it does the damage against the target then explodes. All creatures in range can save as normal, but the attacker is not affected by the explosion. The item is consumed if it explodes.


Daily Punch 12-7-20 Repulser armor modification for Starfinder

Keep the hits going to starfinder!

How about some armor addons just like other ?

Repulser, lesser52,700Armor1d614 
Repulser, greater15105000Armor3d6221/minute

This black circuit patch magnetically attaches to your armor. When you have this attached to your armor, if you are grabbed or swallowed, the attacker must make a fortitude save based on the level of the item. If the attacker fails, it takes electricity damage depending on the level of the item and must release you. If it succeeds, it takes half damage and can maintain the grab.


Daily Punch 10-5-20 Don’t Die on Me! envoy improvisation for Starfinder

How about some more love for the Envoy?

12th Level

You must be at least 12th level to choose the following envoy improvisations.

Don’t Die on Me! (Ex) [language-dependentmind-affectingsense-dependent]

As a reaction, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to grant an ally within 60 feet who just fell to zero hit points 1 hit points and stamina equal to 1/4 their maximum preventing them dying. You can’t grant the same ally the benefits of this ability again until both you and your ally have recovered your Resolve Points after an 8-hour rest or its equivalent.

Daily Punch 9-15-20 EARTHGLASS.EXE technological item for Starfinder

I like the earthglass idea, so let’s hit the other systems as well.



This sleek black tablet had a series of metal, concentric rings on the back. Upon tapping the tablet and hitting the digital on button, the device will prompt the user to put it against a wall of up to five feet of ground, 1 foot of earth, or 2 inches of metal, the device will use sound waves to give a 3D picture of an area of up to 50 feet by 50 feet by 50 feet on the opposite side on the other side of the wall. A user can tap an unattended item on display and use gravity waves to pull the item toward the wall at the rate of 1 foot a round. The item will be phase shifted through the wall and will appear in front of the tablet once the item reaches the wall on the other side of the tablet.


Daily Punch 9-10 and 9-11-20 Ghost in the Machine and Sufficiently Advanced Technology feat for Starfinder

I’ve been experimenting with using skills for other skills expecially technology and religion. Let’s play in Starfinder too.


You’ve learned enough about technology to really see how magical it is.

Prerequisites: Computers 5 ranks or Engineering,5 ranks.

Benefit: You can use Computer or Engineering as if it was Mysticism for skill checks.


Computer and Machines might have souls and you can speak to them.

Prerequisites: Mysticism 5 ranks

Benefit: Choose Computers or Engineering. You can use Mysticism as if it was the chosen skill.