Daily Punch 6-10-13

How about something I’ve seen from by brothers….in Pathfinder


Familiarity Breeds Contempt-Trait-The time you’ve spent with these people has prepped you to push the right buttons on these people-Pick a group, you have spent a significant amount of with a group of people. You gain a +1 on all social checks with these people and gain a +1 on all knowledge with regards to these people.



Daily Punch 6-7-13

It’s been a bit since we did a theme for pathfinder…

Big Family –your large family provides help when you need it-you may visit your family for one day. For one day after you gain a +1 bonus to all d20 rolls. Once per item/week you may reroll for item availability in a city. At GM discretion, your family may be used against you.


Daily Punch 6-3-13

I was playing Arcanis this weekend and hand an interesting conversation with the group.  I think some changes need to happen for DnD Next, and most pressing among these is a new way to handle crits.


DnD Next Criticals and Wounds

In 4e, Hit points were explained as a way to express your character being slowly beaten in combat.  Now HP has always been abstract.  Its hard to give the PCs a way to visualize wounds vs scratches  broken bones vs bruises.  I think we need a separate way to keep track of this, thus wounds!

Every PCs has a total number of possible wounds equal to CON mod +4.  I’m debating CON mod +2 or +4, but let’s start generously.

When a someone scores a crit, they do one wound to the target.  HP now represents how beaten the PC is while wounds represent serious injury to a PC.  In addition, massive damage can cause wounds. Based on the following chart

Wounds Received                    Damage Taken

1                                                        Con Score

2                                                     2.5 x Con Score

3                                                        4 x Con Score

4                                                        6 x Con Score

Each wound a PC has imposes a -1 penalty to all D20 rolls.  This penalty represents how the wounds are straining the PC.

Magical healing restores 1 wound for the level of the spell.


I think this will add realism to the game.  Now instead of a fighter taking 35 points of damage, he/she gets damage and a wound and know that really hurt while a 2 point  of damage from a dagger  is really only a flesh wound.


Daily Punch 5-30 and 5-31

Its been a bit, so here is a longer entry for DnD Next  how about a new speciality one only for rogues who want more fun for sneak attack.


Death Dealer

Other may focus on helping their friends, some focus on feats of strengh, and a few focus on understanding the world.  You just want to see things die.  No murcy, no quarter, just death.

Death Dealers arize from several area, all of them ussaly with sad backrounds.  Beaten, starved, or born mean, no one things makes a death dealer.  They how and why are not important.  All that matters is something in in your way and you will end it.

Level 1: Sneak Attack Basics

Level 3: Sneak Attack Intermediate

Level 6:Sneak Attack Journeyman

Level 9:Sneak Attack Master

Sneak Attack Basics

Martial Feat

You train yourself to hit your target hard

Prerequisite: 1d6 sneak attack

Benefit: When you attack with sneak attack and roll its damage dice, roll an extra die of the same type, drop the lowest roll, and then add up the damage.

Sneak Attack Intermediate

Martial Feat

Your continued training really begins to cripple your targets.

Prerequisite: Sneak Attack Basics

Benefit: When you attack with sneak attack and roll its damage dice, roll an extra two dice of the same type for up to two dice, drop the lowest two rolls, and then add up the damage.  In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls that when you perform a sneak attack.


Sneak Attack Journeyman

Martial Feat

You have almost perfected the technique of crippling your enemies from the shadows.

Prerequisite: Sneak Attack Intermediate

Benefit: When you attack with sneak attack and roll its damage dice, roll an extra three dice of the same type, drop the lowest three rolls, and then add up the damage.  In addition, any enemy hit with a sneak attack now takes a -1 penalty to all d20 rolls until they make a constitution save equal to 10+your dex modifier at the end of your turn.

Sneak Attack Master

Martial Feat

You are death incarnate.

Prerequisite: Sneak Attack Journeyman

Benefit: When you use Sneak Attack Journeyman, you may now roll two more extra dice and use the highest of these dice up to the number of dice you are allowed by your sneak attack class feature.  You may take the feat more then once.  Each time you do, you gain the benefit of rolling two more sneak attack dice.