Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Reviews of Jurassic World, Inside Out, Terminator: Genisys

Know what we haven’t done in a while?  Some movie reviews.  let’s correct that.

Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Jurassic World–


TL; DR-A good sequel to the original. 93%

Basics-It’s Jurassic Park but it works now!  Until it doesn’t!  Now a new dinosaur is loose and it’s up to Chris Pratt to stop it!

Story–Jurassic Park is an awesome cinematic experience, but as a story, it’s not top notch.  Sure it’s not bad, but this movie has tons of plot holes.  No spoilers, but you will scratch your head watching!  But is a summer blockbuster with dinosaurs!  I shut up the stupid adult Dr. Kabara with candy and let 8 year old Alan watch as T-Rex battled new iRex! 4/5

Acting–You know who’s awesome-Chris Pratt.  Take a comedian, make him buff, then give him the best lines in the movie.  He does great in his role.  The others are fine as well.  There are two kids I want to smack, but they end up becoming likeable.  Even the female lead Bryce Dallas Howard becomes likeable.  4.5/5

Cinematography–There is just enough CGI and just enough real world stuff to keep me second guessing everything.  I was never put off by some uncanny valley.  Nor, did I ever think things were not real.  It all looks beautiful. 5/5

Summary–This is a great addition to the franchise.  It might not be Jurassic Park level, but if it’s not, its the second best in the series. Chris Pratt does well. The dinosaurs are fun.  And the plot….well there plot is there.  The movie could be defeated by man gates.  Those are gates we use on dairy farms to keep cattle in a place where allow farmers to quickly get out of a place.  About two of those could easily stop all the problems of this movie.  But setting aside some obvious plot holes, the movie is a great summer movie that is fun for the little boy in us all. 93%

Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Inside Out–


TL; DR-Herman’s Head for children written by Pixar. 100%

Basics-Riley is moving to a new town, dealing with new emotions, and discovering that life isn’t the simple.  Insider her head, her emotions all work together to drive her.  Each of the five emotions drive her via a console like the Starship Enterprise.  But, when Happiness and Sadness break the console and are lost in the bowels of her memory, Riley is now adrift without her emotions to guide her.  Will she be able to cope with all the changes in her world, or will she do something drastic.

Story–This is Pixar.  Even their junk sequel are decent.  This one is a story about growing up, dealing with your emotions and feelings, and learning that the world isn’t just one dimensional.  It well told, thought provoking, and honestly an amazing experience. 5/5

Acting–I am a screamy guy.  Lewis Black is my spirit animal.  He plays the role is was designed to play-RAGE.  He’s my favorite, but he only gets second string screen time.  The main emotions are Sadness and Happiness.  Those two and all the other characters of Riley’s head are all extremely believable.  No one feels out of place. 5/5

Cinematography–It’s Pixar.  They do this movie thing well. 5/5

Summary–This movie is Herman’s Head for children.  It’s got fewer adult themes, better writing, and computer animation, but it’s Herman’s Head.  I love the movie.  The story is top notch.  The actors make the CGI come to life.  And the thing is beautiful.  This is a movie to watch with your tween to help him or her understand life a bit more.  Life is sad and happy at the same time.  New emotions and key part of our soul are being forged every day.  And this movie finally explains why you get that stupid jingle stuck in in your head as well! 100%

Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Terminator: Genisys


TL; DR-Explosions, Dr. Who, and a new timey whimey time line. 83%

Basics-John Conor is about to win the war against the Machines.  But, in his moment of sending the man to save his mother back, he’s attacked.  Now the past is changed, new terminators are on the loose, and nothing is as it seems

Story–Let’s be honest here, you don’t go to Terminator movies to see Shakespeare.  You go to see robots explode. This one does have robots explode.  It’s got enough future stuff to keep you thinking.  It’s got some ham fisted commentary on people looking at their cell phones too much.  It’s got Arnold beating up younger Arnold.  It’s got enough to keep you entertained for one and a half hours and in a coherent way.  Some reviewers tend to get lost in all the time line mumbo jumbo, but honestly I followed it easily.  Going into, this is a soft reboot of the franchise.  All the movies NO LONGER COUNT! 4/5

Acting–Again, let’s be honest here, you didn’t come for some Oscar performances.  The characters are OK.  Honestly the best character in the whole film is Arnold as the terminator.  He does a good job being a pretend robot trying to fit into human society.  The other three main characters are…ok. Matt Smith is in there as well, but he’s got almost a glorified cameo.  He does well, but he doesn’t get enough time to really even build out his character.  It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s also not distracting from the story. ⅘

Cinematography–BOOM!  EXPLOSION!  That’s what you’re here for!  And you get your money’s worth for explosions.  Everything looks believable even though it’s all green screened to hell.  A fun ride with stuff exploding. 4.5/5

Summary–This is a quintessential summer brainless action movie.  The movies set up for a sequel now, which since this made lots of money it will get.  It’s got lots of action, an ok plot, and decent acting.  We won’t get our children to watch this one like we will the original Terminator, so this won’t stand the test of time.  But, for a summer movie, this is a better than average offering. This is also a soft reboot to the franchise, so take all the other movies you know and love, and throw those away, because now they NEVER HAPPENED! 83%

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