Daily Punch 3-21-16 Power from Power warlock invocation for DnD 5e

How about something nice for the warlocks out there….



Power from Power

Prerequisite: 7th level

You can draw power from magic items.  If you have a weapon with a magic modifier like a +1 dagger, you can add the weapons magic modifier to your attack rolls for your warlock spells.




Daily Punch 3-15-16 Brute Endurance feat for DnD 5e

How about a feat to build on Tough?  I’m trying to walk the line here between too powerful and not powerful enough.


Brute Endurance

Prerequisite: Tough

You are just a mass of muscle, and for anybody to hurt you they have to cut through it all to hit a vital.  Increase your maximum hit point total equal to 1/2 your Strength modifier, rounded up, for each level you have.  When you gain a level or increase your Strength modifier, increase your maximum hit point total again.




Daily Punch 3-14-15 Snuff cantrip for DnD 5e

How about a reaction or bonus action cantrip?



Abjuration cantrip

Casting Time: bonus action or reaction

Range: 30 feet

Components: S

Duration: Instantaneous


You snuff out a fire no bigger than 5 feet square.  If the fire is non-magical, then the fire instantly goes out.  If the fire is magical and from a spell higher then level zero, then this spell has no effect.  If a character is on fire and a saving throw can end the effect, then the character gets another saving throw regardless of the spell level causing the fire effect.




Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–14—Faithless and Forgotten, Part 1: Let Bygones Be

Product-Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–14—Faithless and Forgotten, Part 1: Let Bygones Be


Producer– Paizo

Price– $4.00 here

TL; DR-Instantly one of my favorites! 97%


Basics-Cheliax is back!  This Pathfinder scenario is the start of renewed relations with Cheliax as the Pathfinders move from the shadows and are asked to investigate a few choice locations in the country.  However, along the way you find that not is all it seems as you have to deal with an oppressive dictator, unfriendly towns people, and horrors from days gone by that have subsisted on the most foul of meats.  Will you survive the horrors of town and the horror long forgotten?

Mechanics or Crunch-This adventure hits all their right marks for a PFS adventure-exploration, social challenges, problem solving(non-fighting),and problem solving(fighting!).  Every character gets a chance to be awesome in this one as you can simple fight everything everywhere as a way to win, but if you think your way through the problems, you can find some awesome solutions that are rewarded.  The fights that are here are all balanced and felt fun with enough threats to keep the players interested but not enough challenge to destroy the level 1 party.  The social still has the Pathfinder problem of “fail by 1, no help” that all Pathfinder adventures will always have, but overall it’s a blast to play that is well balanced for any party. 5/5

Theme or Fluff-This adventure has the feel of a Cheliax adventure, but does have a slight problem with the end.  Overall the part of the scenario that takes place in town feels like a town adventure where you must help the townspeople survive in their dictatorship.  The rural exploration is fun, as you get to interact with some often unused monsters.  The end boss is a bit strange.  It makes sense for the DM who gets to read the behind the scenes bit of the adventure, but most adventurers might not see that and will be a bit confused.  Overall it’s fun as the left hand turn parts don’t distract from the great story. 4.75/5

Execution– I like how Paizo prepares their modules, but I’ve also become a little estranged from theme as well.  I like that they now place stat blocks at the back of the adventure, so I don’t have to have almost 10 books open to run the game.  However, I’d like a little more consistency with that.  The main NPCs get stat blocks in the text, while the rest of the monsters are at the end of the adventure.  That’s a pain to flip through, so I would prefer to just have all the encounters together in a clump at the end or put them together throughout.  That’s my only real complaint about these adventures though.  I love how Paizo puts together their stories, so this one is no different. 4.75/5

Summary-Everybody loves to hate on Cheliax, but it’s always fun to play there.  Throwing the halfling bard to the Order of the Rack wolves is always a great way to start some roleplaying as well as draw the player’s interest deeper into the game.  I love what I’m seeing here, and I think I most players will as well.  This isn’t a perfect adventure as the ending is a bit strange, and I’d like some minor format changes.  But taken together, this is one of my favorite adventures from this year. 97%