Throat Punch Games is the crazy creative outlet of Ed Kabara.


Ed’s a Ph.D. who works as a lab manager at the University of Michigan.  In his free time, he also teaches through community colleges in Jackson.


If you have an idea, please email us ASAP.  We love to play any games you have and are constantly reading new RPG books-the more the better!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ed Kabara! Is this where you review and give away games in your contests? I am interested in your board game reviews and thought I’d check you out. I thought it was more of a blog. I’m out school and not much into Twitter.
    Please reply

  2. Hi Ed!
    “Email us ASAP…” Care to share your mail? 🙂
    Do you prefer digital or physical product, because then I need an address. Your “contest” is interesting as well, let’s talk about that. Product will hopefully be done in march, check out the website for a teaser 😉

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