Daily Punch 4-19-22 Lobber for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Cool guys never look at explosions!

Lobber Feat 6

Why be where your enemies can get you! DUCK! When you attack an enemy with an alchemical bomb and are around a corner or behind concealment and can not see the enemy nor the enemy see you, you roll the flat check for the enemy being hidden or concealed twice to hit the enemy with your attack, taking the better result.

Daily Punch 3-31-22 Additional Umph alchemist Feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Plan B is twice as much explosive as plan A!

Additional Umph Feat 6 One action

Additive 2 Alchemist

Trigger You use Quick Alchemy to craft an alchemical bomb

You quickly add additional impact to an alchemical bomb just before you throw it. You can spend 1 additional batch of infused reagents, and the damage, splash, and effect are multiplied by 1 and 1/2, rounded down. This does not affect conditions imposed by effects.


Daily Punch 6-14-21 Emerald Tablet alchemist feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Been reading about religion again, so time for some crazy stuff!

Emerald Tablet Feat 20


You have found the lost tablet of the Thrice Blessed Alchemist learning the true secret-there is no difference between God, Magic, Man, and Molecules. You gain the ability to copy spells up to fifth level of any tradition into your formula book. You can cast these spells using a use of your infused reagents. You have to copy down those spells are normal, and the spells take the normal actions to cast. Your total level counts as the level for casting any spells.


Daily Punch 1-13-21 Demolitions Expert Alchemist research field for Pathfinder 2e

Let’s make that close-quarters bomber! I want a guy covered in burns who specializes in getting close and just bashing people with bombs.

Demolitions Expert

You specialize in close quarters explosions. You start tainted in medium armor and any alchemist class ability that refers to armor proficiency also include medium armor for you. medium armor proficiency.

You may use any thrown weapon as a melee weapon against a target within five feet.


You learn a special discovery depending on your field.

Demolitions Expert

Gain proficiency in shields and you can make any alchemy preparations while still holding a shield with one hand and a weapon in another.


You have learned how to create perpetual alchemical infusions that can provide a near-infinite supply of certain simple items. You gain the ability to create two 1st-level alchemical items using Quick Alchemy without spending a batch of infused reagents. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: Choose two of the following formulas: lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist’s fire, lesser bottled Lightning, lesser liquid ice, lesser thunderstone.


Your perpetual infusions improve, allowing you to use Quick Alchemy to create more powerful items with no cost. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: The moderate versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.


You learn an incredible discovery that advances your understanding of your field.

Demolitions Expert: Double the splash damage of any alchemical item you use in a melee attack.


You have perfected your perpetual infusions, allowing you to use Quick Alchemy to create even more powerful items at no cost. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: The greater versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.

Daily Punch 7-27-20 Chirurgeon feat for DnD 5e

Had an alchemist who heals not be trained in medicine He’s got arcana, so let’s fix this.


Prerequisite(s): Alchemist

When you think about it, people are just really just complex alchemical homunculi, and you know how to tinker with homunculi! You gain the following benefit:

  • You may use Intelligence(arcana) in place of Wisdom (Medicine).
  • Add your Intelligence modifier to all hit points healed via any spell you cast.


Daily Punch 7-22-20 Poison Fueled alchemist feat for Pathfinder 2e

How about we help those little alchemists deal with all the things they keep breathing or drinking?

Poison Fueled Feat 12


Prerequisite(s) Poison Resistance

Your blood has become used to having a healthy dose of toxic chemicals to the point you almost need it now. You resistance to poison damage is equal to your level now and when you take persistent poison damage you now heal that much each turn instead. You still roll to end the effect as normal and can not elect to keep the damage going. If the damage is multiple damage types, you still heal as long as the persistent damage contains the poison type.


Daily Punch 9-25-19 Medical Savant Alchemist feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

I like being able to heal without magic. Let’s help those alchemists who specialize in medicine!

Medical Savant Feat 1


Prerequisite(s) trained in medicine

You mastered rapid fire medicine. You can attempt a treat wounds action as two actions instead of 10 minute. The target cannot be treated again as normal. If you roll a critical failure on this check, you get a failure instead.


Daily Punch 9-18-18 Eye on the Prize Alchemist feat for Pathfinder Playtest

Alchemists already hit TAC, but how about a way to just barely hit a target?


You know how to pull a hit out from a miss.  If you attack a target with an alchemical item that has the bomb keyword, and your attack would have hit the target if you added the bonus equal to your level of training on Perception checks (trained equal to +0, expert equal to +1, master = +2, legendary equal to +3), then your attack does minimum damage instead of missing the target completely.