Daily Punch 12-7-20 Repulser armor modification for Starfinder

Keep the hits going to starfinder!

How about some armor addons just like other ?

Repulser, lesser52,700Armor1d614 
Repulser, greater15105000Armor3d6221/minute

This black circuit patch magnetically attaches to your armor. When you have this attached to your armor, if you are grabbed or swallowed, the attacker must make a fortitude save based on the level of the item. If the attacker fails, it takes electricity damage depending on the level of the item and must release you. If it succeeds, it takes half damage and can maintain the grab.


Daily Punch 3-9-20 Plating Armor Modification for SR6

My review of Shadowrun 6th Ed is coming, but here is something I think will help.

Plating                   [Rating]        [Rating] x 2   Rating x 2000¥


Plating armors up a suit of armor. The armor increases the soak roll  by a value equal to its rating. Each time the suit of armor absorbs damage, reduce rating this modification by one.