Daily Punch 10-5-22 Auto Injector cybernetic augmentation for Starfinder

How about a potion device for starfinder?

Auto Injector

Item Level 5; Price 2,750; System one arm
You have a custom built device into your arm that you can pour a potion, serum, or any consumable liquid as an action. Once done, you can set the device to deliver the liquid based on a specific situation like a readied action or you can use a swift action to cause the liquid to be delivered into your system.


Daily Punch 6-22-21 Bacterial Dampeners biotech augmentation for Starfinder

Had this for Shadowrun, so now its time for Shadowrun!

Bacterial Dampeners

A small pill packs a large punch! Once you swallow this pill, bacteria make a colony in your body. These bacteria do not cause any disease but put out proteins when under stress that dampen the pain response.
When you are reduced to 0 SP, you gain temporary hit points based on the level of the augmentation. Once triggered, you must rest for a day and eat to regain the use of this ability.

Bacterial Dampeners, Mk 1

Item Level 4; Price 1,400; System Digestive

When triggered gain 10 temporary hit points.

Bacterial Dampeners, Mk 2

Item Level 8; Price 6,600; System Digestive

When triggered gain 20 temporary hit points.

Bacterial Dampeners, Mk 3

Item Level 12; Price 13,800; System Digestive

When triggered gain 30 temporary hit points.

Bacterial Dampeners, Mk 4

Item Level 16; Price 50,000; System Digestive

When triggered gain 40 temporary hit points.