Daily Punch 9-5-22 Taunt fighter feat for Pathfinder 2e

I miss drawing aggro in 4e. ITS REAL TO ME!

Taunt 1 Action Feat 1

Barbarian Champion Fighter Flourish

With a mighty yell, you lay a challenge at a foe. Choose a creature within 30 feet. That target must include you as a target of any of its attacks in the next round or it takes a -2 circumstance penalty to any attacks that do not include you as a target. Mindless creatures are immune to this effect.


Daily Punch 12-23-19 Sudden Mercy Champion feat for Pathfinder 2e

I like healing tanks, so let’s throw some love to the 2e Pathfinder!


Sudden Mercy [FREE-ACTION] FEAT 8

Concentrate Metamagic Champion

Frequency once per day

Prerequisite(s) Mercy

You quickly invoke the gods to help you aid your allies. If your next action is to perform lay on hands, you cast the spell without using an action but must still spend a focus point to perform the spell.