Daily Punch 6-22-20 Second Wind feat for Starfinder

How about second wind in Starfinder?


You take a quick breather, and you are back in the fight!

Prerequisites: Diehard, character level 5th.

Benefit: Once per day as a swift action, You can spend 1 RP to roll a number of dice d8s equal to your hit dice and immediately regain that many stamina points.

Thoughts? I debate among myself if this should cost 1 or 2 RP.

Daily punch 12-31-19 Double Sweep feat for Starfinder

I’m learning to love the full auto and flamethrower weapons. Let’s work with those.

Double Sweep (COMBAT)

You spray enough at a target and eventually it!.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1

Benefit: When you use a ranged weapon and make a blast attack such as a flamethrower or automatic attack, you can forgo hitting multiple targets and instead focus on one target. If you do, you may reroll the attack roll on the target taking the second result.


Daily Punch 10-24-19 Wide Ricochet feat for Starfinder

I have some characters in my online game who just cant seem to hit! How about some love for our favorite losers?

Wide Rickchet (COMBAT)

You CAN win for losing! If you put enough ammo downrange something HAS to hit eventually!

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: When you miss with a weapon attack, once per turn you may reroll the attack at a -5 penalty. If you hit on this reroll, you do 1/4 the damage of the normal attack, but do not cause any additional effects of the attack.


Daily Punch 2-6-19 Double Tap feat for Starfinder

Why not make sure?

Double Tap (COMBAT)

Spend two shells to make shure it won’t move later.

Benefit: When you target a creature with a ranged attack, you can take a -2 penalty to the attack and spend two charges or cartrages for the attack. If you do, you take the number of dice the weapon does in damage (ie 8d6 fire damage) and divide the dice by 4, rounding up, and increase the dice damage value by this number. As an example a 8d6 fire damage weapon would do 10d6 fire damage.