Daily Punch 10-16-14 Blurring Speed feat for DnD Next

How about a feat for DnD Next?


Blurring Speed

You move so fast, your opponents can only feel you hit them.

Benefit: Gain the following benefits:

  • Gain +1 to dexterity, to a maximum of 20.
  • When you use your flurry of blows power, gain an additional unarmed attack.



Daily Punch 10-15-14 Snake Speed alternative Monk class feature for DnD Next

How about a different class feature for the monk?


Snake Speed

Immediately after you are hit with an attack and the attacker is in reach, you may spend one ki point make an unarmed attacks as a reaction.  If you spend two ki points, you may make the attack before the attacker hits you with an attack as a reaction.  If the attacker is still able to make the attacks after these attack, the attack occurs as normal.  Any effects, powers, feats, or abilities that require or use Flurry of Blows allow apply to this ability instead unless specifically stated different.  This ability is taken instead of Flurry of Blows.



Daily Punch 9-29-14 Strength Sneak Attack alternate class feature for DnD 5e

I have a rogue who want to hit hard and hit mean with none of this finesse crap.  Let’s make that happen.



Strength Sneak Attack

Some favor the shadows to strike daringly at their enemies.  You do not.  You are a brazen criminal who steps in front of your enemies and hits them as hard as you can..  You may use any weapon to perform a sneak attack, but you do not gain sneak attack when you attack while hidden.  You may still perform a sneak attack when an ally is engaged with the target of your attack.  Your sneak attack dice pool increase as normal.  This replaces the normal sneak attack abilities.




Daily Punch 9-26-14 Extra Background feat for DnD 5e

How about an extra background for DnD 5e?



Extra Background

Whether from your previous life or from your free time, you’ve trained in something completely new.

Prerequisite: Spend 30 downtime days or 1st level

Benefits: Gain the following:

  • Gain 1 to an ability score, to a maximum of 20.
  • Gain an extra background. You do not gain the equipment of the background, but do gain any other bonuses associated with the background.  You may change your personality, ideal, bond, and flaw.




Daily Punch 9-24-14 Renown feat for DnD Fifth Edition

How about something that is specific for the Adventure league




You’ve figured out how to move among your group.  You might not be the smartest, fastest, or the wisest, but you are the best connected!

Benefit: Gain the following benefits:

  • Gain a +1 to charisma to a maximum of 20.
  • When you gain a point of renowned, make a charisma saving throw DC = 15 + half current level.  If you succeed, gain an additional point of renown.



Daily Punch 9-19-24 Rend Armor Fighting Style for DnD Next

How about something for a DnD Next Fighter?


Rend Armor

When you hit an enemy, you may tare and destroy the armor instead of doing full damage.  When you hit an enemy, you may not add your ability modifier to the damage to impose a -1 penalty to the armor class of the enemy.  This penalty stacks with itself, but only be as large as your proficiency bonus.  As an example, if your proficiency bonus is +2, you may only impose a -2 penalty to armor this way.