Daily Punch 10-10-14 Uncontrolled Aggression flaw for Pathfinder

We all fly off the handle sometimes.  How about a problem that you ahve to face in Pathfinder because of it?



Uncontrolled Aggression

When you get mad, all you see is red!

When you take damage from an enemy, you must make a DC 5+Creature CR will save.  If you fail, that creature must die.  You can not stand to see the creature taken alive or knocked unconscious.  Other player characters are immune to this effect.

Daily Punch 10-7-14 Blood Thirsty drawback for Pathfinder

How about one more flaw for Pathfinder?


Blood Thirsty

You kill because its in you.  You can’t stop yourself.

When an enemy attacks you, when the enemy surrenders or is knocked out, surrenders, or is unconcous/helpless, you must make a will saving throw equal to DC=10+ CR of the creature.



Daily Punch 9-17-14 Fluid Compulsion drawback for Pathfinder

I really like the random fluid table for the Iron Gods AP for Pathfinder.  How about a flaw that plays into it.



Fluid Compulsion

You tried the random fluids of the wastes long ago, and now you are an addict.  You’ve tried to stop, but you can’t.  Now, when you see it, you have to have it.

Effect: When you see a Numeria fluid, you must attempt to drink it.  If you try to avoid drinking, you must make a will save DC 10+ level.