Daily Punch 7-23-19 Multiple Attachments mechanic drone feat for Starfinder

How about some help for our droid friends?


Multiple Attachments (Ex)

Your drone is equipped with two robotic arms that can only hold weapons.  These arms allow a droid to hold an additional melee or ranged weapon, but no other items or actions can be performed with them.  All multi attack and full attack penalties still apply.




Daily Punch 8-17-17 Targeting Array drone mod for Starfinder

Ok we have drones (YAAAYY!), so now let’s build onto them.  Here is a Mod for a drone.


Targeting Array (Ex)

  • Your drone has a number of small cameras mounted that better feed it targeting data for attacking.  Gain a +1 bonus to attacks with the done.  At 11th level, you can choose this mod a second time as an advanced mod.