Daily Punch 1-22-18 Fear Not the Shadows leadership edge

Gearing up for Savage World’s Achtung Cthulhu! Here is an idea…

Fear Not the Shadows
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Your men do not break! Your men do the breaking!
All allies are better prepared for the horrors of war or the monsters in the dark, and so adds +1 to their Spirit rolls to avoid any fear or sanity effect. This effect applies to guts rolls as well.

Daily Punch 1-29-15 Expert Social Edge idea for Shadowrun 5e

In Run and Gun on page 126, there are several combat edge ideas added to Shadowrun.  What about being able to use edge in a non-combat setting?  How about being an expert in something? (Most likely to bull drek about it latter!)



You’re an expert.  People know your an expert because other people say your an expert.  That’s how it works.  When you make a social test and have ranks in a knowledge skill, you can spend a point of edge to add those ranks to your dice pool.  You must explain how being an expert in the specific skill adds to the use of this skill in this context.