Daily Punch 1-26-21 Turning Blows Stance For Pathfinder 2e

I like shields take damage and can prevent damage. Let’s play more with that!

Turning Blows Stance (Fighter) Single ActionFeat 6

Fighter Stance

Prerequisites Everstand Stance

You’ve practiced with the shield to the point even splinters will save you in a fight. Further increase the shield’s Hardness by 2 with the Everstsnd stance bonus when using the Shield Block reaction and double the shields hit points. When the stance ends, if the shield has more damage than its maximum hit points would normally, it is then broken, not before.


Daily Punch 6-18-20 Second Wind fighter feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

How about we steal something that needs to go into Pathfinder from DnD!

Second Wind  1 action Feat 1


You take a second in battle to bandage your wounds. Make treat wounds action on yourself. On a critical success, you removed the wounded condition if you have it. You may do this once per day.