Daily Punch 10-10-14 Uncontrolled Aggression flaw for Pathfinder

We all fly off the handle sometimes.  How about a problem that you ahve to face in Pathfinder because of it?



Uncontrolled Aggression

When you get mad, all you see is red!

When you take damage from an enemy, you must make a DC 5+Creature CR will save.  If you fail, that creature must die.  You can not stand to see the creature taken alive or knocked unconscious.  Other player characters are immune to this effect.

9-18-14 Deeply Flawed feat for Pathfinder

I really love the ideas of flaws and drawbacks for Pathfinder.  It’s a nice mechanical way to introduce character to your characters.  How about a feat to help build that.


Deeply Flawed

You’ve got your own rough corners, and it shows.

Prerequisite: One flaw

Benefit: Take one additional flaw and gain three more traits.