Blurbs from the Booth-What the Heck is a Throat Punch Games?!

Hi, I’m Dr. Edward Alan Kabara, Ph.D., and I, along with my wife, run Throat Punch Games (  I started Throat Punch Games after GenCon one year.  I wasn’t in a supper happy place in my life as my current job wasn’t very fulfilling, I had just moved to a town with NO board games or RPGs groups, and I just wasn’t happy.  So, I decided to be creative.  I’ve always loved RPG and board games, but I didn’t know how to make my own.  To be honest, I still might not, but after having spent the con talking to tons of the industry leaders, the best way to get into the industry was JUST START CREATING!  If you want to paint, paint.  If you want to make video games, start to program.  If you want to be something, then start to be that something.  That first few things you make will be crap (most likely).  The first cake you bake will be crappy and misshapen.  The first thing you draw will look like crap.  And, the first feats I made were not the best.  But, a master has failed more times than a beginner has even tried.  Thus, I’ve made it my (week) daily mission to develop my favorite games.  I’ll keep banging on this website till I get something awesome to fall out.  And, I invite any criticism you have!  Tell me it sucks.  Tell me I’m stupid.  Tell me exactly why what I proposed will break the game.  But, tell me your thoughts.  I’d like to know what you think.  It’s the only way I can get better.

Over time, I’ve added a few things to my weekly lineup.  Mondays, I do a board game review.  I love board games, and I figured I should put my thoughts out there on game design and the games I play.  Wednesdays, I do an RPG review.  Some days it’s a whole system and other days it’s a simple module.  Fridays….I *try* to put up an opinion piece on something.  This is one of those.  These reviews and opinion pieces are where my wife is most helpful.  I love games, but the weakest subject for me in school was always writing.  I’ve keep working on it, but it’s never going to be my favorite thing to do.  Thus, I decided to make a website where I pound out 5-10,000 words a week. (Hay, you don’t have to be a smart person to get a Ph.D., just a persistent one!)  My wife loves English and wields it like a repair man fixing all my flaws.  So, blame her for when a participle is still dangling!  I’ve also added book, video game, and movie reviews to the lineup, but those happen when I finish some media that has a relation to gaming in any way.

Where will Throat Punch Games go next?  Well, I’d like to use this website as a spring board to some industry involvement.  I’m still a scientist, and I don’t want to stop being one.  But, one day I’d like to see my name as a developer, designer, or author of some major RPG and board game products.   That’s the big goal, but I’d also like to expand the website.  First, I’d like to learn how to make this thing look better.  I’ve done some web design before.  That’s crappy hard coded HTML, not fancy Dreamweaver.  However, with some learnin’, I’m sure I can make this look better.  With the website up and running, I next plan to work on our podcast.  I’m working behind the scenes assembling the greatest geek minds I can to get a podcast up and rolling.  We’re looking to December to get the first one out the door, but this is a process and much harder than I thought.  Also, Ph.D. stand for poor, hungry doctor, and these things take money!  With an every-three-weekly podcast moving forward, I’m also working on a YouTube channel reviewing board games and RPGs.  That’s much further down the line and much more expensive as good cameras cost money!


Where does the name come from?

Let me reveal the secrets of where Throat Punch Games come from…for it is a tale of children, violence, and bored gamers.  My closest siblings are 18 years younger than me.  Same mother, same father, same everything, but my parents had just moved to a much larger house and wanted to finally expand the family after living in a double wide trailer for 16 years.  My sister is even younger than that as we’re over 24 years apart.  Well, one day I was at home visiting from grad school.  I was putting on my socks getting ready to go out and help with some chores.  My sister, as carefully and as stealthfuly as only a as a 4 year can manage (which is to say not at all), snuck up to my other sock on the chair, grabbed it, and hid it behind her back.  She then quietly tried to hide the fact she was walking away with her face turned to me as I stared her right in the eyes, backwards walked to a corner of the house, and throw my sock down a hall far from me.  She strode up toward me, looked me in the eye and said “Ha, Ha, socks all gone!”

I responded as an adult…by grabbing the collar of her shirt, looking her in the eye and saying, “You’re so lucky you’re cute, or I’d punch you in the throat!”

She giggled and ran away, and  I was left with a quick anecdote.   Later, when I was telling my friends about this during a Living Forgotten Realms game as I was drawing the map for an encounter, they all laughed.  This became a rallying cry for my party.  And, at the Dungeons and Dragons Expo during the battle interactive, our group was called to the center to decide the fate of the forgotten realms, and we needed a name.  Guess what name came to mind…. Announcing our group as Throat Punch! we were met with cheers. And much later when I was thinking of what the heck to call my fledgling gaming company I thought back to that con, my family, and my silly sister.