Daily Punch 4-21-22 Harmonic Visor armor innovation for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Keep looking! Here is a basic innovation for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Harmonic Visor: You have built a series of mirrors and crystals to provide you a 360 degree view of yourself. You can not be flanked and are never flat footed while you are able to see a target . When under the effects of Overdrive, you gain darkvision out to 30 feet.

Daily Punch 4-12-23 Additional Innovation inventor feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

My brother wants more toys for his toy. Let’s help!

Additional Innovation Feat 2

Inventor Modification

You don’t invest in yourself, but instead in your innovation. Choose one innovation that you do not already have and your innovation gains them.

Special You can select this feat multiple times, choosing a new innovation each time. At level 8 you can choose a Breakthrough innovation and at level 16 you can choose a revolutionary innovation instead.

Daily Punch 7-20-22 Extra Innovation inventor feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

You can build up yourself, but what if you want to build up your toy?

Extra Innovation Feat 1


You focus on build up your inventions instead of yourself. Gain an additional innovation. This feat can be taken multiple times. If taken at level 7 or higher, you can choose a breakthrough innovation. If taken at level 15 or higher, you can choose a revolutionary innovation.


Daily Punch 7-18-22 AND 7-19-22 Metaphysical Vision construct innovation and armor innovation for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

There are items that let you see magic. Why not some fun toys for the constructs and themselves?

construct innovation

Metaphysical Vision: You’ve worked to allow your creation to see the arcane. Using two actions, the construct can see magic as per the detect magic spell for as long as the spell would normally last.

armor innovation

Metaphysical Vision: Your work now allows you visons of the fantastic. Using two actions, while in your armor you can see magic as per the detect magic spell for as long as the spell would normally last.

Daily Punch 4-14-22 Bomb Launcher construct modification for the inventor Pathfinder 2nd Ed

How about something for the inventor? let’s throw some bombs around!

Breakthrough Modifications

  • Bomb Launcher: You’ve equipped your creation with some explosives. A number of times per day equal to half your level, your creation can throw a bomb 30 feet as two actions dealing 1d8 acid, fire, cold, or electric damage ( chosen when you throw the bomb) and 1d4 splash damage of the same type. You must have the Projectile Launcher modification to select this modification.