Daily Punch 10-29-14 Knowledgeable Fighter archetype for Pathfinder

Ok,with the Knowledge is Power feat, I think my Knowledge-based fighter archetype is ready to roll.


Knowledgeable Fighter

You’ve studied in class, listened to the bards, or learned on your own, but in either case, you see the true power of knowledge and how you can hurt others with it.


Knowledgeable Fighter (EX)

Gain the Knowledge is Power feat (https://throatpunchgames.com/2014/11/01/daily-punch-10-28-14-knowledge-is-power-fighter-archetype-for-pathfinder/) at first level as your bonus feat.  You must take this as your bonus feat.  Also, all knowledge skills are now class skills for you.  Replaces Bonus 1st Level Feat


On the Job Training (EX)

Increase the number of skill ranks you gain each level by 1.  Chose an additional knowledge skill.  You are now trained in that skill.  This replaces Bravery.  Gain this ability again whenever you would have an increase in the bravery skill and cumulative.


Lessons Learned (EX)

Choose either Armor Training or Weapon Training.  When you would gain a this ability, gain a +1 to all knowledge skills you are trained in instead.  This replaces weapon training or armor training. Gain this ability again whenever you would have an increase in the ability you choose to replace.  This ability is cumulative.


Knowledge Mastery (EX)

When you would gain either the Weapon Mastery or Armor Mastery, based on the choice you made for your Lessons Learned class feature, you instead gain this feature.  When you would gain a bonus from your Knowledge is Power feat to either attack, defense, or saves, now gain a bonus to attack, defense, and saves equal to the total bonus before the bonus would split instead.  This replaces Weapon Mastery or Armor Mastery.

Daily Punch 10-28-14 Knowledge is Power Feat for Pathfinder

How about a fighter who looks over his opponents instead of just rushing in?  Here is the starter feat for the archetype.


Knowledge is Power

You’ve learned through experience or books what you need to do when.

Benefit: When you encounter a creature, you may make a knowledge check using the appropriate skill with DC equal to 10+creature CR.  If you succeed, you gain a +1 to either attack, saves, or defense against the creature.  These bonuses may be separated however you choose among attack, defense, and saves.  The bonus gains by this power increases by +1 for every 5 you succeed by.