Book Bout-Book Review of The Magician’s Land  

Book-The Magician’s Land

Author– Lev Grossman

TL; DR-A fitting end to The Magicians Series. 97%


Basics– Quinton is unemployed, no longer a king, and now needs money quick.  He’s lost everything, and now is part of some scheme to steal a suitcase belonging to one of the Fillory children.  Oh, and Fillory is ending.  Can Quinton save the day?  Will he end up a wreck like usual?  Is this the end of our favorite world in the wall?


Characters-This book has the most character growth of any of the books in the series.  The strange thing is most of the growth happens off scene.  You get a few stories about how characters have changed, but they have grown into better people over time, realistically.  Quinton isn’t the alcoholic I remember him as, and his friends have all grown to be better people.  Even the bitch is a bitch as a better person!  All the characters are believable and enjoyable with great dialog and well rounded personalities.  5/5


Setting– This book runs between New York, Fillory, other places in-between and out-between.  All of them seem real.  It’s a wild ride as the characters all experience places we’ve never seen before as well as hitting all the highlights from the previous novels. 5/5


Story-Of all the books in this series, this is the happiest book of them all.  It doesn’t even end on a saccharin note; it ends on a realistic note.  The dialog is amazingly fun, and it even had me laugh out loud a few times as I was reading.  It’s a story of growth, of finding what you want, and fighting for it.  It’s a great story.  My only problem is the characters don’t really get enough time to be introduced.  You can’t just hop in with this book in the series.  4.5/5


Summary– I loved this book.  It’s a great ride as you check in with all your favorite characters.  People grow, learn, and become better.  Quinton now is the man you always wanted him to be, and he’s learned what he wants out of life.  I could not put this book down, and I was surprised by how fast the book went.  I loved every minute of this book, but now it’s time for things to end.   I liked this series, but I think it should be over.  Any more books in this series will really spoil this book’s ending. 97%


Audiobook Extra-The narrator of this book does an excellent job as always. Mark Bramhall does an excellent job.  His tone matches what I would expect from Quinton, and he has read for all three books.  At in the first book, his tone conveys the sense of just going along with the flow because Quinton isn’t a strong character.  Then, he conveys a sense of strength and resolution as Quinton has become stronger and wiser.  He even does excellent reads for the other characters really helping to bring them to life. 5/5