Daily Punch 3-21-17 |_(_)(|<`/! Matrix Edge for Shadowrun 5e

Ok, one more quick Shadowrun idea for today.


|_(_)(|<`/! (LUCKY!)

Not everyone on the net is a L337 hacker, but you’e lucky.  A character can spend a point of Edge to remove up to 4 points worth of penalties from a Hack on the Fly or Brute Force hacking attempt.



Daily Punch 9-7-15 Undead Hate the Living trait for Pathfinder

I want to scream at undead.  I want them be made I’m screaming at them.  I can make this happen!

 Undead Hate the Living

You hate the undead, and they hate you!

Benefit(s): You may perform intimidate checks on undead enemies.  However, you may only cause an undead to become shaken for one turn at most if it is normally immune to such effects.


Daily Punch 1-14-15 Paladin Program for Shadowrun 5e

I’ve been reading a ton of Shadowrun lately and thinking about how to protect your friends as you do matrix overwatch.  Here’s my idea


Paladin (TM)

Practice safe matrix activity, always use Paladin(TM) brand overwatch!

Sometimes you can’t protect all your friends gear at once.  Sometimes your friends get hit, and then they wine later.  With Paladin(tm) running, your friends reduce all hits dealt to their matrix gear by one box if you have those PAMs slaved to your deck or RCC.