Daily Punch 12-9-21 Advanced Automation feat for Starfinder

You’re your own best friend!

Advanced Automation

You and your brain are you own best friend!

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, exocortex artificial intelligence

Benefit: When you use your combat tracking ability, you can track a second target. When you use your wireless hacking ability, your computer gains one additional standard action that can only be used by your exocortex to hack the computer.


Daily Punch 7-23-19 Multiple Attachments mechanic drone feat for Starfinder

How about some help for our droid friends?


Multiple Attachments (Ex)

Your drone is equipped with two robotic arms that can only hold weapons.  These arms allow a droid to hold an additional melee or ranged weapon, but no other items or actions can be performed with them.  All multi attack and full attack penalties still apply.




Daily Punch 7-9-19 Rapid Reboot alternative exocortex feature for Mechanic in Starfinder



How about some love for Starfinder and the Mechanic?


Rapid Reboot (Ex) 1st Level

Your exocortex and you work in kind, and sometimes that dual processing power helps you shake things that work against your better self.  When you must make a Will saving throw from an effect, roll twice, once for you and once for your exocortex.  If either of you save, you are considered to have made the save.  You can choose this instead of Memory Module at first level.