Daily Punch 9-22-20 General Mentor Spirit for Shadowrun 6e

More love for Firing line!

The General if a battle field leader, leading from the front and using tactics to guide his warriors instead of brute force. General magicians tend to be distance but do celebrate with their soldiers. They play chess with men’s lives, but they play to win!

Edge Boosts cost 1 less for small unit tactics tests
Magician: Edge Boosts cost 1 less for spells, preparations, and rituals in the illusion category
Adept: 2 free levels of Attribute Boost (Logic)
You must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) test to turn down a challenge of any kind.
Similar Archetypes: leader, mastermind

Daily Punch 7-15-16 Martyr Mentor Spirit for Shadowrun 5e

How about something for shadowrun?



You care enough for others that you will die for them.  You can’t allow another to suffer in your place, and choose to suffer in the place of others.  You follow a spirit who cares about others, you, and the whole universe.  Following this spirit can cause difficulties as you begin to care for even your enemies like they are your neighbors.


All: +3 to assist attempts when you are not the lead on the check

Magician: +3 to all health spells used on others

Adept: gain Empathic Healing (Street Grimoire) as a bonus power


A martyr is unable to kill unless he/she has to.  When you attempt to deliver a killing blow to a person, you must make a successful Charisma+Willpower (3) test.  On a failure, your attack misses.  This is determined after damage is calculated.



Daily Punch 12-15-14 Dueling Masters quality for Shadowrun 5e

I see lots of different masters, but what about people who are chosen by different spirits in Shadowrun 5e?  Maybe those spirits don’t like each other.


Dueling Masters

Cost: 5 karma

You’re a hot commodity.  You’ve  literally got a devil on your left shoulder offing you power while the angel on your right is still extolling some bull drek virtues you might not care about.  Gain a second mentor spirit.  You now get the benefits of one spirit at a time, but have to take the negatives of both.  As a free action, you can change which mentor spirit’s benefits you use at any time.