Daily Punch 7-1-20 Potion of Battle Fury for DnD 5e

More witcher inspired potions!

Potion of Battle Fury

Potion, uncommon

One hit makes the next hit easier.

For the next hour, when you enter a fight, immediately after you kill an enemy or critically strike an enemy with melee attack, you my make a melee attack as a free action.


Daily Punch 6-30-20 Potion of Escalating Assault for DnD 5e

Been playing the witcher lately, and this is a potion that comes comes in pretty handy.

Potion of Escalating Assault

Potion, uncommon

When you drink this potion, you feel the anger build in you.

For the next hour, when you enter a fight, after each melee hit, increase your melee damage by 1, up to double your proficiency bonus. The bonus to melee damage is reduced to zero if you miss an attack or do not make an attack in turn.