Daily Punch 11-24-14 Magic to Muscle Memory adept power for Shadowrun 5e

Let’s post one more adept power for Shadowrun 5e.

Magic to Muscle

Cost: 0.75 per level (max 1/2 ranks in skill rounded down)

Some times it’s training, some times its luck, and some times…. it’s a bit more.  You may buy as many levels of this power are you want.  However, you may only apply as many levels as equal to half your ranks in a skill to that skill (rounded down).  For every level you have applied to a skill, you gain an extra die to skill rolls with that skill.



Daily Punch 11-19-14 Master of the Elemental Fist quality for Shadowrun 5e

One more for Shadowrun, I promise


Master of the Elemental Fist

Cost: 1 PP

Prerequisite: Minimum Two Different Elemental Strikes

You are a master of martial arts and magic all rolled into one.  When you use the Elemental Strike, you may manifest two different types of elemental effects in one attack.  It takes two separate simple actions to activate both of these elemental effects.