Daily Punch 10-24-16 Split the Pot positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

When you shoot two target or punch two guys, you have to split it as equally as you can.  Let’s work on that…



Split the Pot______________
Cost: 10 karma
Sometimes balance is for suckers!  When you do an action that requires you to split your dice pool, you may elect to move up to half of the dice from any pool(s) and move them to other dice pool(s) of your choice.  You must leave at least one die in each pool.



Daily Punch 12-9-14 Addictive Personality quality for Shadowrun 5e

Well, if you can avoid addition, then you can also be more likely to get addicted…


Addictive Personality

Bonus: 5 karma per level (1 to 3 levels)

You just can’t help yourself.  Be it to many sliders or way to much booze on a weekend….or weeknight….when you get just a taste of something amazing, you can’t stop yourself.  When you make an addition test, reduce your dice pool to resist by 2 dice for every level of this quality.