Daily Punch 11-11-21 ANGRY(COMBAT) feat for Starfinder

More solder fun, now the Wrathful Warrior


You won’t like me when I’m angry!.

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, wrathful warrior primary fighting style.

Benefit: When in a frenzy, you take no penalty to AC. Your ignore pain ability grants you temporary hit points equal to 1 and 1/2 your level, rounded down.


Daily Punch 11-3-24 DEADEYE(COMBAT) feat for Starfinder

There are a lot of soldier fighting styles! Now the Sharpshoot fighting style!


Just shoot once and get it done.

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, sharpshoot primary fighting style.

Benefit: Targets gain no bonus to AC from cover from your attacks, but you still cannot attack targets behind full cover. When you attack as a full round action, gain a +1 bonus to the second attack.


Daily Punch 10-6-21 RUN-N-GUN(COMBAT) feat for Starfinder

Onwards to the Hit-and-run Soldier!


You are speed!

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, Hit-and-run primary fighting style.

Benefit: You may use opening volley for the first three turns of combat. When you use rapid recovery, you can ignore two sperate conditions instead of one. In addition, when you make a full attack, you can make either two guarded steps or move up to your full movement. This ability replaces the abilities of Nimble Fusillade.


Daily Punch 9-27-21 Big Boom feat for Starfinder

How about the bombard in Starfinder?



Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, Bombard primary fighting style.

Benefit: Increase your the damage of any grenade you use by +1 per damage die. When you use a full action to make a single attack, add double your strength modifier to the damage of the attack instead of just once for your heavy fire ability.


Daily Punch 8-23-21 Improved Cheap Shot Soldier feat for Starfinder

Time to keep building. Now for the soldier ambusher feat.

Let’s build out each of the Soldiers fighting styles!


Dead men fight with honor, and you ain’t dead yet!

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier cheap Shot ability.

Benefit: When you use the cheap shot ability, increase the damage dealt by 1/2 your character level.

Thoughts? To much or just right?