Daily Punch 8-28-15 Cartographer trait for Pathfinder

I’m reading a book now, and the main character maps several rooms to find secret rooms in them.  I think this should happen more often in Pathfinder!


Knowledge (Engineering) and Knowledge(Dungeoneering) are considered class skills for you.  As you explore underground locations or building, you may make a map.  If you do, you may use either Knowledge(Engineering) or Knowledge(Dungeoneering) instead of Perception to find secret doors or rooms.


Daily Punch 9-22-14 Family History trait for the Iron Gods Campaign for Pathfinder

How about a new campaign trait for the Iron Gods path?



Family History: Your parents, and your parents’ parents, and all the way back to the first smiths on Torch worked the Torch forging objects of skymetal.  You know how to work metal and you know it well.  However, with the Torch out, you no longer have a job.  Without the Torch, you can work, and your family will starve.  You’ve volunteered because the professional adventurers have failed, so now its time for the regulars craftspeople to save the town.  You’ve not an adventurer, but when the going gets tough, you setup!  You gain a +1 to a craft skill of your choice and knowledge(engineering) and these are both considered class skills for you.