Daily Punch 12-26-14 Arcane Warrior for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

I love fighters who have just a bit of magic to them.  How about making for for DCCRPG?


Arcane Warrior

Level Attack (Magic Die) Crit Die/ Table Action Dice Known Spells Max Spell Level Ref Fort Will
1 +d3 1d10/III 1d20 3 1 1 1 1
2 +d4 1d12/III 1d20 3 1 1 1 1
3 +d5 1d14/III 1d20 4 1 1 2 2
4 +d6 1d16/IV 1d20 4 2 2 2 2
5 +d7 1d20/IV 1d20 5 2 2 2 2
6 +d8 1d24/V 1d20+1d14 5 3 2 3 3
7 +d10 1d30/V 1d20+1d16 6 3 3 3 3
8 +d10+1 1d30/V 1d20+1d20 6 4 3 4 4
9 +d10+2 2d20/V 1d20+1d20+1d14 7 4 4 4 4
10 +d10+3 2d20/V 1d20+1d20+1d14 7 5 4 5 5
Level Title (all alignments)
1  Spell Squire
2 Mage Errant
3 Mage Knight
4 Warlock
5 Eldritch Warrior


You have mastered the blade as well as the spell.  It is a hard road that not many can master as it is both mentally and physical demanding.  Many of called, but you however has risen to the challenge.  You are a wanted commodity for any side of a conflict, but your uniqueness also makes you a target foremost.


Hit points: An arcane warrior gains 1d8 hit points at each level.

Weapon and Armor Training:  An arcane warrior can use all weapons he or she wants, however, an arcane warrior needs one hand free to cast any spell.  Arcane warriors can wear any armor they can afford.  No worn armor interferes with spell casting of any kind.

Alignment: Arcane warriors have no natural drive toward law or chaos.   You my choose to study black magic as a chaotic wizard or follow control over the elements as a lawful wizard might.

Attack Modifier: Just like a warrior (DCCRPG p 42), you roll an extra die when you make an attack  called a magic die.  This die is added to the attack and to damage from his or her weapons or damage from any spell.

Caster Level: An arcane warriors caster level is equal to his or her current level.

Magic or Might: You are a unique breed of fighter and wizard.  You know spells like a wizard (DCCRPG p48) but also know the ways of the warrior’s mighty deeds of arms ( DCCRPG p43).  Spells are learned just as a wizard with the first three spells being selected at random at first level.  An arcane warrior may learn any spell that a wizard is able to.  Before you make an attack roll, you may select to cast a spell or to do a mighty deed.  If you select to make a spell, you’re attack must hit, the result on the magic die must be a 2 + the level of the spell you wish to cast, and then you cast a spell just like a wizard.  However, instead of adding the arcane warriors intelligence and level to the action die, an arcane warrior rolls his magic die and the action die and  adds the result to his or her intelligence score to determine the effect of a spell.  The second roll for the spell determines if the spell is lost or not.  An arcane warrior may elect to just use the magic die result from the initial attack roll or reroll with the second spell roll.  Casting a spell in this way is part of the same action die use.  Mighty deeds are resolved as normal per a Mighty Deed of Arms using the result of the magic die in place of the Deed Die (DCCRPG p 43).

Luck: An arcane warrior adds his or her luck modifier to all magic die rolls.

Action Die: A arcane warrior uses his action die for spells, attacks, or Magic or Might attacks.  At level 6, an arcane warrior gains a second action die for use in the same combat round’s action.