Daily Punch 2-28-22 Transmutation Tutor feat for DnD 5e

Time to make some stuff!

Transmutation Tutor

prerequisite: wizard, transmutation school

Everything is anything you want. Gain the following benefits:

  • Three times per day you can convert 1 cubic foot of mater into a potion of healing, alchemist’s fire, antitoxin, or acid flask. These potions last for one hour or until they are used .
  • When you use your Transmuter’s Stone ability, you may select two benefits.


Daily Punch 2-22-22 Exanimate Expert feat for DnD 5e

Those who serve you truly give their all.

Exanimate Expert

prerequisite: wizard, necromancy school

Life is a toy in your hands. Gain the following benefits:

  • You can perform grim harvest on constructs and the undead.
  • Double your class level and proficiency for any undead under your undead thralls class ability.


Daily Punch 2-1-22 Damage Dealer feat for DnD 5e

Time to hurt people!

Damage Dealter

prerequisite: wizard, evocation school

Why do fancy things when you can just break your enemies. Instead of using your sculp spells ability to protect other creatures, you can choose one target that is subjected to one of your evocation spell and impose disadvantage on the target’s saving throw. You can do this a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier before you must take a long rest to regain the use of this ability.


Daily Punch 1-24-22 Solid Conjurations feat for DnD 5e

Let’s make stuff with our minds!

Solid Conjurations

prerequisite: wizard, conjuration school

Anything you can think, you can make. Gain the following benefits:

  • Your minor conjurations now have hit points equal to 1/2 their normal amount and only vanish after an hour or when they are reduced to zero hit points. They have hardness as normal.
  • You can use your benign transportation ability once per short rest.


Daily Punch 1-13-22 Ward Wizard feat for DnD 5e

Let’s do some wizard stuff!

Ward Wizard

prerequisite: wizard, abjuration school

Anything worth having is worth protecting. Gain the following benefits:

  • When you use your arcane ward power, the amount protected by your ward is increased by double your proficiency bonus.
  • When you use your ward to protect a creature, and the ward is broken by an attack, the attacking creature or object takes damage equal to your proficiency plus your Intelligence modifier.


Daily Punch 12-17-20 Homing Spell Wizard feat for Pathfinder 2e

How about some ideas for PF? Let’s get a homing spell into the mix!


Metamagic Wizard

Frequency once per day

You’ve learned to curve magic to make it do your bidding. If you cast a wizard cantrip or a wizard spell that is at least 1 levels lower than the highest-level wizard spell that requires a spell attack, only targets a single creature, and you miss the target, you may spend an action to reroll the attack.


Daily Punch 11-14-19 Arms of the Goddess spell for Castles and Crusades

My brothers are playing Boarderlands, an I saw a character with multiple ethereal arms.  Let’s make this happen!


ARMS OF THE GODDESS, Level 1 wizard, cleric, illusionist
CT 1 R see below D 1 min/lvl.
SV n/a SR no Comp V, S
Upon the incantation of this spell, a transparent, set of arms  appears and float behind the caster.  The arms may hold weapons and make attacks for the caster, but the caster gains no additional actions to make attacks and cast spells in the same action.  When caster with this spell casts another spell, reduce the number of CT to cast the spell by 1.